An email newsletter is a valuable marketing aid that provides sales leads and helps your business grow.  It provides personal contact with your customers, converts them into buyers and builds an image of a knowledgeable and reputable company.

Responsive newsletter templates for effective email marketing | entheosweb

Now that over 60% of consumers access email on mobile devices, it is critical that your email newsletter is designed for the mobile web, with responsive newsletter design. Integrate your newsletters into your website design and make contact with your customers.

The fully responsive newsletter templates shown below are designed keeping UX and UI in mind for the most popular email marketing tools – MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. These templates are MailChimp-ready and Campaign Monitor-ready; they support major email clients and are cross-browser compatible for ease of use. The fully layered PSD and stock photos are included.

Whether you’re selling an app or jewelry or clothes, or party planning or real estate or photography services, look no further. There’s a responsive newsletter template just cut out for you.

Template 50994 – Party Planner Responsive Newsletter Template with Hexagon Theme

This Event Planner Responsive Newsletter Template designed in purple, pink and grey with a soft focus pink balloon header uses hexagons as the visual theme, some with stitched or plain borders, some borderless, some with images and a contrasting blue one with text calling attention to big savings. Social sharing icons are prominently placed in color below the header. A textured grey background gives and elegant and sophisticated look to the layout and does not distract from the video promoting the party planner’s services. The hexagon theme is continued through the design, showing a closeups of a flower arrangement, a banner with hexagons of wedding cake, wine glasses and scrolls, and contrasted with dates in smaller hexagons in a violet shade. More banners follow, showing a birthday party, and an outdoor event with a gazebo, rose petals and a transparent overlay with an attractive discount highlighted on pink ribbon. Icons draw the user’s eye to the services offered by the party planner. Contacts are prominent in the footer.

Template 50994 party planner newsletter template | entheosweb

Template 57614 – Yoto Restaurant Responsive Newsletter Template

Template 57614 - Yoto Restaurant Responsive Newsletter Template

Template 52696 – Travel Responsive Newsletter Template

The header takes off into the wild blue yonder in this Travel Responsive Newsletter Template. Blue with a light grey checked background gives a feeling of trust, harmony, reliablity and stability while black in the footer spells authority. Pink is a nurturing color and the pink buttons call for action and add an accent color. Icons lead the eye to the services offered by the company. News and images about destinations interest the user to read more. A large blue banner with a client testimonial underlines the company’s ability to delight the customer. The gallery features attractive travel experiences. Prices range from basic to premium and are highlighted in circles, with buttons inviting the user to sign up. A video presents tours on offer. Contacts and social sharing icons are prominent in the footer.


Template 52696 travel responsive newsletter template mailchimp ready campaign monitor ready | entheosweb

Template 57949 – Private Investigation Responsive Newsletter Template

Template 57949 - Private Investigation  Responsive Newsletter Template

Template 52898 – Designer Personal Page Responsive Newsletter Template

This Designer Personal Page Responsive Newsletter Template with
two-column layout, circles or rectangles with icons and illustrations, presents the designer’s personal bio and his portfolio with a difference. Yellow, green and red along with grey and black are used for the colors of the circles and rectangles, highlighting prices, portfolio, directing eye movement, providing testimonials in blurbs and calls to action in the form of buttons.

Template 52898 designer personal page responsive newsletter template | entheosweb

Template 52901 – City Portal Responsive Newsletter Template

Designed in grey and pink, this City Portal Responsive Newsletter Template makes use of different types of media to reach different audiences and promote the city. It has a travel blog feel to the design, with a large photograph of the city taking center-stage and smaller images showing city landmarks below. Icons in pink draw the eye to city facilities aimed at different audiences. The city video guide opens into a video of the city. News is given in four columns and a city transport icon highlights quick ways of getting around. An Instagram collage draws the interested viewer into the sights of the city. Restaurant reviews highlight fine dining. Entertainment for the movie buff is displayed in film strips. Social sharing icons help the user to share the newsletter easily.

Template 52901 city portal responsive newsletter template | entheosweb

Template 52885 – Real Estate Responsive Newsletter Template

Soothing blue and green on a checkered grey background bring a feeling of dependability, trust, harmony and eco-friendliness into this  Real Estate Responsive Newsletter Template. The logo on blue, menu on black and images of property with captions on blue and green banners, company highlights on a large green banner, featured properties with prices and star ratings on white bands, a blue banner highlighting special offers, icons on blue and green with search, testimonials, housing and other details, and a video tour of a mansion. Home evaluations are offered free as a call to action. The green footer has an About Us section and Contacts.

Template 52885 real estate responsive newsletter template | entheosweb

Template 53101 – Political Candidate Responsive Newsletter Template

Designed like a single-page personal website, this green and grey newsletter template uses circles, bullets with rounded edges, blurbs and graphics to emphasize content, introduce the team, present the experience and biography of the candidate and invite the user to read more.
Template 53101 political candidate responsive newsletter template | entheosweb

Template 53089 – Wedding Planner Responsive Newsletter Template

This responsive newsletter for a Wedding Planner is designed in blue and pink panels in color gradations separated by neutral beige, with eye-catching accents of orange and green for the photo gallery. Soft floating ferns, script typography and embellishments give a hint of the tasteful decorations, invitations, cake and flowers handled by the wedding planner, while the colors suggest seasonal changes. The photo gallery highlights the attention to detail of the photographer and the planner to ensure a perfect wedding celebration. A testimonial from a happy couple convinces the user to contact the service.

Template 53089 wedding planner responsive newsletter template mailchimp ready campaign monitor ready | entheosweb

Template 52988 – Jewelry Brand Responsive Newsletter Template

Designed in panels of gold, silver-grey and white, this stylish jewelry newsletter template has a refined look to its logo. Each panel showcases its jewelry on a model, with a line of text to sell its merits. Numbers in circles highlight important facts about the products. A gallery of products displays them in all their glittering splendor and works of art.
Template 52988 jewelry brand responsive newsletter template | entheosweb

Template 52967 – Photographer Responsive Newsletter Template

This responsive newsletter template for a photographer is like a one-page gallery while telling about the photographer, his services, presenting his portfolio to maximum impact and providing the user with contacts. The photographer’s own portrait in black and white is a contrast with other images in different lighting. By displaying photographs under various categories he shows his familiarity with photographing different subjects in different styles and colors. The use of white space and icons makes a visual break while focusing on the photography aspect. Social media icons encourage users to share the newsletter.

Template 52967 photographer responsive newsletter template | entheosweb

Template 53195 – Lawyer Responsive Newsletter Template 

This Lawyer Responsive Newsletter Template is designed in green, brown and black, which speak of balance, harmony and renewal, reliability and supportiveness, authority and control. White space gives a clean look to the layout, large fonts and short headline text in green focuses the viewer’s eyes on important points while scanning the page, and green buttons lead to more information. White space contrasts with shades of black. The template focuses on the lawyer’s areas of practice and gives a short bio of the lawyer at the end, with contacts and social sharing icons on the footer.

Template 53195 lawyer responsive newsletter template mailchimp ready campaign monitor ready | entheosweb

Template 53125 – Hair Stylist Responsive Newsletter Template – MailChimp Ready, Campaign Monitor Ready

This Hair Stylist Responsive Newsletter Template is placed on an understated background pattern of beige circles and is designed using shades of brown with white space and black for icons and header accents. Elegant fonts add to the classy look of the images and photo gallery showing the beautiful results of hair dressing, making a customer feel like experimenting with new hair styles! Banners tell about the company, highlight the company’s strong points and call for action, and provide tips. Icons lead the eye to more information. Testimonials by reputable customers create trust in the minds of new customers. Social sharing icons and contacts make the newsletter easy to share and act upon.

Template 53125 hair stylist responsive newsletter template mailchimp ready campaign monitor ready | entheosweb

Template 50929 – Clothes Responsive Newsletter Template 

Black and green and barely-there grey that gives you white space without hurting the eyes – that’s the color combination for this lively Clothes Responsive Newsletter Template. The cool green leads the eyes to summer steals and soothes the eyes for summer styles, while large white fonts are unmistakable on black. Large image banners in the header followed by smaller images below focus on the fashions. A central part of the newsletter tells about the history and growth of the store, with a personal look at the founder. A banner on black leads into the Style Room. Text and images promote special product lines and buttons lead to action. News snippets lead to more information. An image gallery with an attractive discount on green catches the eye with shipping information below. A contact number invites the user to call and social media icons invite the user to connect with the store.

Template 50929 clothes responsive newsletter template | entheosweb

Template 49297 – Business Responsive Newsletter Template 

A professionally run business knows that time is money – which is why a clock is the focus in the header of this Business Responsive Newsletter Template.   Designed in shades of green, the newsletter tells of growth, vitality and flexibility, white of efficiency, black of authority and grey of reliability. Icons and text below the header call attention to the company’s strengths. A green banner focuses on customer testimonial. Images and news snippets call attention to the latest events at the company. A history of the company and a photo gallery gives an idea of the development of the company and its team. A video at the footer shows the company in action.

Template 49297 business responsive newsletter template | entheosweb

Template 52682 – Web Development Agency Responsive Newsletter in Blue and Gray

The colors blue and grey inspire trust, communication, honesty and reliability. Shades of blue and grey distinguish three parts of the header in this Web Development Agency Responsive Newsletter. They highlight the agency’s contacts and social media icons on one panel; the logo and menu on another panel , and provide a grey border for breathing space between menu panel and header image. A black banner under the header image focuses on the agency’s selling message with a blue button leading into more information. Smaller banners and icons highlight the way the agency works. Images and text giving useful advice, help to break content into scannable blocks for smooth reading on mobile devices. A large blue banner with white text provides another selling message, below which the agency’s portfolio is shown. Skills of the agency are depicted in graphic form. Creative ideas and upcoming events are shown in more banners and logos of the agency’s clients are displayed below. All the content is designed to inspire confidence and lead the user to try out the Web Development Agency‘s capabilities.

Template 52682 web development agency responsive newsletter in blue and gray | entheosweb

Template 53196 – Apptheme Application Responsive Newsletter Template

This Apptheme Application Responsive Newsletter Template  is designed in green, black and neutral grey with images, icons, graphics in circles focusing on the features, prices and selling points of the app. Above the footer, modern illustrations with testimonials highlight the different ways the app has been used to delight the customer. The footer with green social sharing icons shows instant ways to connect. The constant focus on the mobile as a visual theme shows how the app will be used by customers in daily life.

Template 53196 apptheme application responsive newsletter template | entheosweb

Use readymade responsive newsletter templates to your advantage.

Connect with your audience. Interact with visitors to your website with relevant information and updates.

Convert visitors into buyers. Give them useful information to base their buying decisions on.

Build a positive image for your company,  by providing industry insights and a knowledge base that they will turn to for reference regarding their queries or areas of interest.

Browse more newsletter templates here.  Remember, all our newsletter templates are MailChimp-ready and Campaign Monitor-ready.


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