Direct Marketing has travelled from the postbox to the inbox with Email Marketing. Using electronic mail, marketers can connect with a group of people with a commercial message that directly markets their products. Email Newsletters are direct emails sent out on a regular basis to a list of subscribers or customers.

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Through marketing emails or e-newsletters, a company seeks to:

* build on the relationship between the company and its customers/subscribers/opt-in groups.  The purpose is to encourage repeat business and customer loyalty.
* acquire new customers or convince current customers to purchase something immediately.  This can be done by adding by adding advertising messages to email messages sent by other companies to their customers.
* communicate a promotional message such as a special offer, a sale, or a catalog of products.
* Product information such as pre-launch messages about a new brand or upgrades to existing brands can also be conveyed through email marketing campaigns to build awareness of and create excitement around the new brand.

Featured here are some professional and elegant email and e-newsletter template designs to make your e-marketing communications get noticed, while you stay in touch with your customers.   You can tailor them to your needs, to send business announcements, updates to your product or services blog, corporate newsletter, featured news, store sales, special offers, special events, or your resume and portfolio.  With several different layout and color options, you can easily edit these email and e-newsletter templates and even customize them  for repeated usage – say for a once-a-month sale or announcement.

Our HTML email and e-newsletter templates are tested on the most popular email readers – MailChimp, Hotmail, Live Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Aol, Thunderbird, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

Loose Leaf – Newsletter with Template Builder

This template lets you create your own variations using 27 different elements, 9 pre-built layouts, 12 color options, 12 fully layered PSD files, 12 fully layered PNG files (Fireworks) and Product box template.

This template has Template Builder 2, which is designed for simple template making.  The Template Builder is an app to create your next newsletter layout.  Currently are eight templates available.  Create your own layout by dragging and dropping the predefined elements (modules).

Loose Leaf - Newsletter with Template Builder

No webspace required. Once you’ve bought this email template, you get “My Template Builder” access.  Just type in your purchase code and you’re ready to go!

Mailchimp and mobile-ready. The template includes a simple interface which allows an upload directly to your Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor account and is tested on all major email clients.

BEAUTY – Email Template – 6 Layouts

This feature-packed, modern, sleek and easily customizable professional email template is a smart way to promote your spa, beauty products, beauty services, beauty blog, spa blog, personal products, announcements, latest news, blog/forum updates, review websites.  It can be customized for designers, photographers or ecommerce purposes.   Layered PSD files make it easy to edit.  Tested on all major email clients.

BEAUTY - Email Template - 6 Layouts

Clean and Green Email – 4 Designs

Looking for an environment-friendly email template?  Here’s your answer.   This clean and green email template is perfect for a campaign to go green, a call to action for eco-friendly volunteers, or a newsletter promoting green living.

This design comes in 4 different flavors: 2 light themed, and 2 dark themed, each with different layouts.  This highly customizable email template can also be used even for regular business (non-environmental) content with a change of pictures and text.

Clean and Green Email - 4 Designs

Clients Ground Corporate Flexible Email Theme

It’s a world of email possibilities out there. This clean, minimalistic and flexible corporate email template provides 162 combinations, 3 backgrounds, 9 different font colors, has commented code, is MailChimp compatible, mobile compatible and is as lightweight as possible.  Works on Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, iPhone, iPod & iPad, Eudora, Foxmail, IncrediMail, Mail, Opera Mail, Sparrow and Spicebird.

Clients Ground Corporate Flexible Email Theme

Quantumleaper – 280 Templates

Quantumleaper - 280 Templates

Quantumleaper provides an amazing 280 premium e-mail templates for you to use. It comes packed with 5 different HD backgrounds that stretch (Quantum, Pixelated, Darkened Wood , Colored Wood, Solid Color), 7 structures and 8 colors. PSD button files, advanced CSS3 like button, commented code. This design is MailChimp compatible, mobile compatible, lightweight as possible. The package includes a tutorial and documentation.

Smart.CV – Template for CV, Resume, Portfolio

“Smart.CV” is an email template that’s excellent for designers, photographers, architects, interior designers and other professionals to imaginatively present their personal career information and portfolio via email.

Two classic color themes – white and dark – allow your work to stand out.  4 prebuilt layouts, 4 HTML email templates with inline CSS, 4 full layered, well organized and sliced PSD files, commented code allow easy editing.  You can delete/duplicate any table/row in a layout and create new layouts according to your need.   Tested on major email clients.

Smart.CV - Template for CV, Resume, Portfolio Smart.CV - Template for CV, Resume, Portfolio

Smart.CV - Template for CV, Resume, Portfolio

Fine Dining – Newsletter Template

Fine Dining - Newsletter Template

Tested in all major email clients, this mouthwatering email/newsletter template offers two different header designs. It comes in 3 colors – brown, orange and green.  Other features are:  4 prebuilt layouts, 4 PSD files for different layouts, 12 HTML files, inline CSS for easy editing, well formatted and commented code, fully layered  and well organized PSD.

Stella – Newsletter for Restaurants, Cafes, Yoga

This highly detailed e-mail template comes with four skins- to catch the feel of a warm restaurant, a friendly coffee shop, a cosy tea-house or an old tavern. Tested on all major email clients, it is a perfect choice to present email newsletter campaigns for your restaurant or cafe.   It includes 3 layouts,  PSD files and video tutorials.  The modular design makes it easy to add, duplicate or delete content.  The help file and video tutorials will help you setting up this email newsletter and show you how to send your first campaign or import it into Mailchimp.

Stella - Newsletter for Restaurants, Cafes, Yoga

Storesletter HTML email-marketing template- designed to sell

Storesletter HTML email-marketing template- designed to sell

Your e-store or e-shop can present a wide range of products or services attractively – from featured products to Holiday Sale offer in this Storesletter template with its 3 layouts and 4 color schemes for each layout. That gives you 12 email templates to choose from – you will agree, a best buy for your e-marketing campaign to increase your sales and revenue.

Storesletter is a highly customizable design. When you choose “Items” you can add your products, services, special offers and merchandise. Choose “One Column” to add the latest news and featured items.  Send blog info, recommend products by choosing Sidebar.
The main PSD banner is a layered, editable file – easily add your photos, text and offers.

The commented HTML file has Inline CSS with all the properties and styles in the same document so you can edit and adapt it to your needs if you have a little knowledge of HTML/CSS.   This is a responsive mobile-friendly design optimized for the iPhone.

Zoomovski – Premium Email Template

Zoomovski is a clean and professionally designed email template to suit different aspects of email marketing.  It comes with 20 pre-made variants, easily customized with your text and images. Note: images are not included in the archive. PSD files are grouped, sliced and each slice named the same as in each html template, for ease of editing text and images, and saving all the images at a go.  You need Photoshop to change the logo or any other design element.

Coast – Stylish Email Template – Tumblog Style

Promote your product or service with this ultra stylish email template with a clean, minimal design. The pack includes 12 HTML templates and  12 original PSD templates, 3 layout styles, 4 color schemes, commented coding, inline CSS, full installation and user instructions so you can customize away! This template is clean coded both front and back, making it easy to tailor it to your specific needs.

Coast - Stylish Email Template - Tumblog Style

Versatile Newsletter 3 – automated layout creator

A complete newsletter package! 11 unique newsletter templates, modular layouts that simplify adapting the templates, an easy to use automated layout creator that allows you to create new newsletter templates instantly, robust, properly tested and commented source code – what more can you ask for?

Versatile Newsletter 3 - automated layout creator

Delicious Mail 2  – multi-usage email template

Welcome to Delicious Mail 2, the professional multi-usage email template that gives you 120 HTML newsletter pages! (5 color themes, 2 background versions of each color, each version contains 12 layouts and every one of them has 2 backgrounds (light-dark gray).
Whether you need an email template for business and marketing, hosting and software or for personal usage, Delicious Mail 2 is designed for you.

You have a choice of layouts
– for general email template and newsletter usage,
– for presenting and promoting / selling products and services, and
– for use as announcements and letters.

Easy to edit, Delicious Mail 2 templates include PSD files with layered elements, well commented valid HTML, user friendly documentation and modular layouts  – where you can copy/paste  or delete/duplicate content blocks (tables) from one layout to another .  You can even copy/paste content blocks (tables) from any layout in Delicious Mail 2 to Delicious Mail.

Delicious Mail 2

Appbuilders Email Template

Appbuilders Email Template

Appbuilders is an email template that can be used for many purposes: for app developers, portfolio updates, selling/showcasing products or just for a mobile related blog.  It features 8 layered, grouped PSD files, 6 color variations and commented code for easy customization.  It comes in two versions – one with background images and one without.   This template is tested with all major email clients.

World of Colors Email/Newsletter Template

Fresh, beautiful design with 6 layouts and 4 color options, PSD files, 24 HTML files, inline CSS and code commented. Tested on all major email clients and sites.

World of Colors Email/Newsletter Template

eModular – modular email template

eModular - modular email template

eModular is a highly stylized HTML email template with a number of modules that easily plug in to the design, giving you countless layout possibilities. Easy to update and edit with modular components, 21 PhotoShop files for all the design elements, commented HTML code, and a detailed help file, you can customize it to fit all your email needs.

Sensation Email Template

Here we present a contemporary and uncluttered HTML email template in four themes, with the option to customize the layout in eight different colors.  Ideal for use by companies and many different kinds of agencies.

Sensation Email Template

This template is the HTML version (with full layouts and PNG included) of our Sensation e-newsletter template, (shown below) with 3 layouts and 8 color options. Change the layout color with just one click. Check it out!

Sensation e-newsletter template

PROCO – 11 E-mail Templates

This design provides 11 modular email templates.  The flexible table structure allows quick and easy layout manipulation (delete/copy/replace table rows inside and between layouts). It has 25+ pre-made content modules (table rows), 7 color options (orange, red, purple, blue, anthracite, green, olive)  on dark and light backgrounds, layered PSD files of graphic elements used in layouts, inline CSS and valid HTML.

PROCO - 11 E-mail Templates

News Event Newsletter – HTML and PSD files

Special events get a fillip with this News Event Newletter template.  It consists of 48 HTML newsletter pages (8 color themes, each version contains 6 layouts). PSD files with layered elements and well commented valid HTML makes it easy to edit and customize. You can copy/paste content blocks (tables) from one layout to another, or delete/duplicate any content block (table).

News Event Newsletter - HTML and PSD files

Swatches email template

Swatches email template

This email template has a colourful design, modular structure and five color variations. It’s as easy as “copy and paste” to create your own layout.  With a little knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can customize it easily with your choice of the graphic elements included, well commented XHTML, and inline CSS.

When you have an-e-marketing campaign to begin and no time to waste, choose one of our email templates. Save time effort and money, get an excellent, functional and easily customizable design, and start emailing with style!

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