Motion Graphics in Canva refers to the animation of graphic elements within your design. You can bring your designs to life by adding movement to text, images, or other elements within your design.

You can easily add movement to your designs to make them more engaging. You can make your text fade in and out, have your images fly in from different directions, or use any animated stickers to add a fun touch to your design. It’s a great way to bring your ideas to life!

This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple Motion Graphics Animation for beginners.

Step 1 – Open Canva. Go to Video and create a new design by clicking on “Create blank”.

Step 2 – The new blank video page has been created.

Step 3 – Go to Elements on the left side of the editor and search for “forest with flowers” in Graphics.

Step 4 – Add the selected image to your design by clicking on it.

Step 5 – Just Right-click on the image and select Set Image as Background.

Step 6 – Let’s go back to the Elements and type “Flying butterfly animated“.

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Step 7 – There will be many options available. I have selected the below orange and yellow color butterfly.

Step 8 – Let’s resize the butterfly and move it to the top corner of the right side.

Step 9 – Now click Animate on the toolbar.

Step 10 – Then click Create an Animation to make a custom motion path.

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Step 11 – Make your elements zigzag across the screen, speed up, slow down, and move around. Play with animation and create custom motion paths for any element in your project.

Step 12 – Select and drag the butterfly to create its animation path, indicated by purple lines. The motion path can go any direction you like. Control the speed of the animation by moving the element slower or faster. To animate along a straight line, hold down Shift while dragging your object. Stop dragging to complete the animation.

Step 13 – Once you’re done drawing the motion path, a new side panel appears where you can adjust the speed of your animation and orient the element to its motion path.

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Step 14 – Choose one that suits your design. To finish the animation, choose from different movement styles or add motion effects like Rotate or Pulse.

By applying a motion path, you can make a butterfly fly from flower to flower. Then click Done to apply the animation to your element.

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Step 15 – And there you go! You have just created an awesome motion graphics of a butterfly flying around the flowers in the garden.

Step 16 – Once you’ve finalized your project, download your file as a video or animated GIF by selecting Share, then Download.

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Step 17 – Enjoy creating the new animation like below with your creative imagination!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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