Changing technologies have made animations smoother and lighter on the web, thus increasing their popularity as a website design trend. Entheos brings you a roundup of beautiful website templates that use JS animation, parallax and CSS3 animation effects to bring you cool transitions, animated backgrounds, content, text, graphics, icons,navigation links, pages that fold and tilt, images that flip, bounce, twirl, part reveal, or work with draggable scroll to give your website visitors visual delight and interactivity! These one-page and multi-page website designs lend themselves beautifully to personal and portfolio sites, professional art and photography websites, corporate, travel and restaurant websites, beauty and spa websites – and a whole lot more.

JS animation makes a range of movements possible while keeping the website lightweight, unlike Flash. Parallax scrolling using JavaScript and CSS techniques, creates an effect of 3-D depth with foreground images moving faster than background images. Scroll-activated animation and lazy animations of web elements attract the user but do not detract from the main content.

Although there are several creative examples of web designs using animation, designers should think long and hard before using animation for its own sake. Too many animations on a page can make it slow-loading and turn off a site visitor.   Animation can be distracting from the main content and navigation. Another thing is that all browsers don’t fully support all animations. However, movement and action is part of the dynamic nature of the web, which is why animation is only going to get better as web developers and designers learn to use it more effectively.

Check out the website templates below to see beautiful examples of JavaScript based, CSS3 and HTML5 animation and  effects in web design.

Emma Wilson Art and Photography Website Template

Elegant animation of navigation buttons and menu icons add interest to this
beautifully designed website for a design or photography studio.

Template 48219 emma wilson website template | entheosweb

Pro Beauty Website Template 

The menu and web elements drop or slide into frame smoothly for
a visual treat in this website template for a beauty salon or spa.

Template 45344 pro beauty website template | entheosweb

Sam Born Responsive Portfolio Website Template

This excellent grid-based design has flip and drag elements and
draggable scroll for viewing of the portfolio.

Template 48150 sam born responsive website template | entheosweb

 CleverCo Website Template

This elegant corporate website has flipping menu buttons and sliding pages.

Template 47267 clever co website template | entheosweb

Royal Italy Restaurant Website Template

Pages drop into view on menu click,  the page tilts to reveal the basic
menu with zooming effects to tempt the appetite, and page sections
pop up on hover to provide a rich user experience  in this sophisticated
restaurant website template.

Template 46719 wedding planner website template with bootstrap illustrations menu and banner animations | entheosweb

Statti – Responsive Bootstrap Animated Template

Each menu icon animates on click as the page slides into the frame and the scrolling slider smoothly reveals new images in this responsive Bootstrap animated template. Statti - Responsive Bootstrap Animated Template

Heaven – Onepage & Multipage Creative Template

Parallax effects,  CSS3 animation on hover over text, icons, images and graphics
make this site an immersive experience.Heaven - Onepage & Multipage Creative Template

Cutting Edge Responsive Parallax WordPress Theme

Directional hover  gallery, fullscreen slideshow, parallax scrolling and CSS3 animations make this site a visual delight.

Cutting Edge Responsive Parallax WordPress Theme

Smarton Corporate Website Template with Bootstrap, Parallax and CSS3 Animation

This Bootstrap HTML5 Theme with revolving slider, has parallax and CSS3 effects, an animated header, text,  icons and a HTML5 video background.

SmartOn - Ultimate Boostrap HTML5 Responsive Theme

Spirit Portfolio Website Template 

This template features page tilt  (accordion class) and zooming rollovers
reveal each model’s bio with photo in a most impressive way through

Template 48560 spirit portfolio website template | entheosweb

Angel Models Portfolio Website Template

This portfolio is presented in a grid with flipping animations.  Each page
slides in from the top like a curtain.  Headlines form on the top of the page
with text animation.

Template 48498 - Angel Models Website Template

Bartenders School Website Template

Menu animations and page transitions make this site a deliciously
smooth experience.

Template 46558 bartenders school website template | entheosweb

Anna Sienna Portfolio Website Template

This is a tantalising design that reveals and conceals, and features
a blinds-style animation on hover.  Text, arrows and buttons are also
animated. The flipping slide transitions make an elegant portfolio

Template 48147 anna sienna website template | entheosweb

 J. Star Responsive Art and Photography Website Template  

This template design with carousel has menu animation on hover and
font animation for headline text.

Template 48290 j Star responsive website template | entheosweb

 Art School Website Template 

This website tickles the imagination and draws the viewer deeper into the site
with its animated menu, navigation buttons, images and page transitions.

Template 46362 art school website template | entheosweb

Soul Spa Website Template

This design has a creative slider that partly reveals the forthcoming slide
while the existing slide is still in view.  Understated menu hovers and
transitions make this site a smooth experience.
Template 47078 soul spa website template | entheosweb

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