In this tutorial you will learn how to create a vibrant party poster design in CorelDraw. You will learn how to draw a silhouette of a girl dancing, add pink highlights, sparkling stars and bright font effects.

Dance Party Poster Design with CorelDraw

Tutorial Details

Program: CorelDraw 11 – X5

Difficulty: All

Estimated Completion Time: 30 Minutes

Step 1 : Basic Elements

First of all you have to use CorelDraw with version 11+. In this tutorial I use CorelDraw X5, Okay lets get started. Let’s take a look at the basic elements used to create our design :

party poster design tutorial

This also will be our steps to create the design.

Step 2 : Creating Worksheet

Okay, now that you know the steps and elements, we will begin, first of all open your CorelDraw program, now create a new file and set the paper size to A2, set the Units to Centimeters.


Step 3 : Creating The Background

Now that we have our worksheet set, now we will begin to create the Background, go to the ” Rectangle Tool ” and create a box shape with the same size as our worksheet.


Now lets put color in it, go to the ” Fountain Fill Tool ” in the left toolbar and apply the value below, you can create a custom color by double click on the color box.


Step 4 : Creating the Party Girl

Okay we are going to create the Party Girl, go to the ” Bezier Tool ” and create a custom shape similar like below, point and click to create the shape also make sure the first click is connected to the last click or else you cant put color in it.


After that go to the ” Shape Tool “, double click and drag on the bottom corner of the shape to create similar like below, this will be the girl torso.


Repeat the same steps as above using ” Shape Tool ” to create the waist and thigh.


Okay now lets shape it a little more, go to the ” Shape Tool “, right click on the right hand of the girl and find ” Convert to Curve “, drag the arrow on the corner to shape it.


Apply the steps above on all the lines.


Now lets create the hair, go to the ” Bezier Tool ” and create a custom shape on the left side of the head.


Shape it using ” Shape Tool ” similar like below.


Because we are going to make a silhouette Girl, put a black color in it.


Repeat the steps above, and add more hair to the Girl’s head, you can add it as much as you like.


Arrange the Girl on top of the Background.

Step 5 : Creating the Highlight

Okay now go to the ” Bezier Tool ” and create a custom box shape similar like below, you can press ” Ctrl ” to help you align the lines perfectly.


Create another similar custom shape but this time make it smaller.


Create the third custom shape and make it smaller than the previous one.


Lets put color in it, you can add any color that you like, in this case i use pink.


Now select the first shape and go to the ” Interactive Transparency Tool “, drag it from right bottom corner to the left upper corner to create a similar transparency.


Apply the steps above on all of the shape.


After you make it transparent group it by pressing ” Ctrl + G “, after that copy the shape and make it smaller than the original.


Now flip and copy all of the shape by pressing ” Left + Right mouse ” and drag it to the right while holding ” Ctrl “.


After that arrange it on top of the Background, and copy the shape one more time to the bottom of the Background similar like below.


Okay now select all the pink highlight, go to the upper toolbar and find Effect > PowerClip, click it to the background to insert the highlight.

Step 6 : Creating the Stars

Now go to the ” Rectangle Tool ” and create a thin horizontal box shape similar like below.


Put white color in it and make it transparent using ” Interactive Transparency Tool “, im making a temporary pink background because its white color.


Flip and copy the shape to the right side.


Rotate and copy it in order to make it cross like shape.


After that go to the ” Ellipse Tool ” and create a circle on the center of the cross shape, put white color on the outline and make it 4 pts thick.


After that create another circle on the side of the cross shape using ” Ellipse Tool “.


Go to the ” Interactive Drop Shadow Tool ” in the left toolbar and apply the value below to create similar.


Apply the stars on the right and left side of the Girls Head.


Step 7 : Creating the Font Effect

Lets create the Font Effect, go to the ” Text Tool ” and type any word that you like, choose the ” Slant ” font type that you can download it on the top page.


Put any color that you like, in this case i use pink white gradient.


After that lets put an outline using ” Interactive Contour Tool “, apply the value below to create similar.


Put pink color on the outline and copy the original font to make a black shadow of it.


Now that you have already know how to create a highlight, create another highlight similar like below.


Apply it to the font that you previously created .


Now select all the object and group it by pressing ” Ctrl + G “, and arrange it on the bottom of the Girl.

dancing girl poster design


Okay now i need you to download the Fire Effect on the source page, after you download it insert to the worksheet using ” Ctrl + I”.


Now arrange it on top of the Girl.


Arrange the layer using ” Ctrl + PageDown ” to create similar.

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Final Image

And we are done, you can add more details like text or texture to the postero make it more exciting like the final image below.

Club Party Poster Design in CorelDraw

You can also take a look at our collection of ready-made creative poster design templates to get ideas and inspiration while designing your own poster!


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