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People use the Internet to get information about products, services, places… you name it, the Web has information on just about anything.  It is a potent information source.

That’s why, content is not just a string of words. Well-written content has multiple benefits.
It attracts search engines, increases site traffic and provides useful information to existing and potential customers.

Here’s what professional web content writing from Entheos can do for your website:


1. Provide information to your readers

Content is the single most important thing on your site. It tells your prospective customers who you are, what you stand for, what your business is all about, how you operate, the services and products you offer. The more you tell, the more you sell.


2. Attract search engines to your site

Search engines look for keywords, key phrases, titles and descriptions to rankings in search results.  Content writing takes these factors into consideration.Attract search engine traffic by appealing both to human visitors (with relevant content) and to search engine spiders (with relevant content plus keywords, titles and descriptions).

3. Add value to your site and increase traffic

Once you have a basic site up and running, you can add value to it with content that is useful to your visitors or customers. This may not have an immediate payoff or monetary benefit for your business but it does help to draw visitors to your site who may become customers later. Write articles or offer hints and tips on doing something better.


4. Increase site stickiness

A content-rich site increases site “stickiness” and gets your customers coming back again and again. It could give them helpful information that is relevant to their business or interests. Depending on your objectives, your website could have content that

  • educates
  • entertains
  • informs
  • persuades
  • changes perceptions
  • expands your visitors’ horizons
    And more!


5. Help people read online

People read Web content differently from the way they read magazines or newspapers. Since reading from the computer screen tends to strain the eyes, people tend to skim or scan text rather than read it word for word. Breaking up the content into short sentences and short paragraphs makes it easier to read. The use of subheads also retains a reader’s attention when you have long copy to read.

6. Add value to visuals

Your word descriptions of your pictures would get rankings on the search engines, rather than the pictures themselves, or graphic text rendered in Flash. Skillful content writing adds value to the visuals on your site. For example, a walkthrough of your factory would be more effective with captions that describe the processes being shown. A picture gallery of your company’s achievements would be greatly enhanced with content that places the pictures in a relevant context with surrounding text that tells your visitor about the event/award that is visualized. Products and services can be described in detail in a web catalog and their benefits in relation to competition can be highlighted. This will aid your prospective customers’ purchase decisions.

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