Would you like us to write content for you? Get started with our Content Writing Questionnaire to enable us to understand your requirements better. Your answers to this questionnaire will provide the basic platform for us to write content that works for your business. Please contact us with your responses to the questions given below.

Company Details

What is the line of business you are in?

What are you selling? (Details of your product or service, its benefits, comparison with competition if required, prices, delivery etc.)

Who are you talking to? (Your target audience – their ages, where they are located, their concerns and interests, etc.)

What are you saying? (Give your target audience a reason to buy your product or service).

Information about your company, its history, the people, their expertise, resumes, (if required), main competitors (please provide website URLs).

Company philosophy/credo, vision, mission (if required)

Future plans

Any other information you may like to add.

Do you have an existing website? Would you like us to re-write/update it? Please give the url here.

Any other information you may like to add

Other information such as a brochure, flier, press write-up, product description, etc will be useful as we develop content. 

Personal Details


Thank you for taking the time to answer our Content Writing Questionnaire. We assure you it is time well-spent. Once we receive all the details from you, we will revert to you within two weeks with professionally written website

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