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In this article we are going to understand what it takes to build an online project with website templates. Some of the topics we will be covering are given below:

  1. How to Start a Website Free: 6 Most Popular Types of Online Projects
  2. How to Opt for the Most Adequate Domain and Web Hosting?
  3. How to Start a Website Free: Content and Site Optimization
  4. After Choosing Website Templates: How to Promote and Monetize Your Site?

How to Start a Website Free: 6 Most Popular Types of Online Projects

Business Website

A business website is an online project dedicated to advertising a certain company. It describes the sorts of products and services offered. Every firm needs to have a site by this point. It is a widely accepted fact. Every potential consumer wants to Google your company for further information. If they do not discover something, you will appear less respectable and reputable.

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eCommerce website

An eCommerce website is one from which customers may buy things instantly. You have visited a lot of online stores before. Almost all major brands, as well as many smaller companies, have one. So, you need website templates with a shopping cart and a means to enter credit card info to complete a purchase.

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Personal Blog

Not every site generates money in a certain way. Many people cherish the opportunity to express themselves through personal web pages. In this case, we are talking about personal blogs. They often grow into something that delivers the money. They can become successful enough. However, they mainly serve to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and creativity.

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News and Magazine Sites

Portals for delivering news online include news and magazine websites. They are a speedier means of distributing local or global news to people. They generally include news on politics, weather, current events, incidents, sports, and other topics. They can also combine with entertainment sites to cover some fun events. 

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Portfolio websites are dedicated to displaying examples of previous work. They are perfect for service providers that wish to demonstrate the value of their work to prospective customers. This sort of online project is more concentrated on a specific task. It is gathering various high-quality work examples. As you can understand, it is particularly typical for creative workers and freelancers who are recruited based on their proven expertise.

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Educational and eLearning Sites

Educational websites include not only those that present educational institutions. These are also about providing online courses. Their major objective is to provide educational resources or info about institutions to viewers  Some companies sell subscription models or training.

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How to Opt for the Most Adequate Domain and Web Hosting?

A domain name is much more than a URL that people may use to locate you online. It shows how you define yourself and helps to establish your brand. Without a doubt, there are several factors to examine while selecting the best domain variants. For example, these include:

  • When a buyer hears your domain name, how should they perceive it?
  • Does it include all of the services and items you provide?
  • Should you incorporate SEO keywords or select a universally recognizable name?

Before you buy a domain name for an online project on website templates, closely monitor such aspects as:

  1. Extensions to domain names. The most often used extension is .com. It is easily remembered. Many individuals who look for a site name may type the .com in their browser by mistake. If the domain you want is not accessible with this extension, you can use another TLD.
  2. Memorability. Would a person be capable of recalling your website name?
  3. Make it as short as possible. Aim for between 6 and 14 characters.
  4. Hyphens are easy to see and spell, but they are uncomfortable for people to type.
  5. Numbers can be perplexing (is it written as “three” or a digit as “3”?)
  6. Merged words that resemble something else (for instance, “investorstalking”).
  7. SEO. Including a solid target keyword in your domain name will be beneficial.
  8. Location. If you want worldwide appeal, avoid specifying locations, such as .uk, .de, .fr, and others.
  9. Make sure to pay attention to your budget.

Now that you own the domain name, it is time to connect it to a web server. The appropriate web hosting service will make developing and administering your website straightforward. It will allow you to focus on content creation rather than tech problems. Here are seven considerations to make when selecting a provider:

  1. Do you prefer shared hosting, VPS hosting, or a dedicated server? For the best blend of pricing and accessible resources, focus on VPS or cloud hosting.
  2. Look for a web server with plenty of storage, bandwidth, and scalability. These features will ensure that your site operates properly and that your viewers are satisfied.
  3. Prices of hosting vary. It is also worth keeping in mind many suppliers boost their fees after the first year.
  4. Downtime on a website is negative for a company. Your web host should ensure uptime.
  5. Do not forget about the availability of such security elements as firewalls, virus detection, and SSL encryption.
  6. A control panel allows you to administer your site without the need to learn code or acquire a variety of other tools.
  7. Select a web hosting service that has consistent customer support hours and response times. You should also be ready to communicate with the team through different channels.

How to Start a Website Free: Content and Site Optimization

Mobile-Friendly Design

Here are some general guidelines for making your site mobile-friendly:

  1. Make your online project fully-responsive on any device (desktop, mobile, or tablet). Incredibly, the biggest number of the best website templates include this characteristic.
  2. Always resize your pictures, especially for mobile visitors.
  3. Use brief meta titles. On mobile devices, they are quicker to read.
  4. Avoid pop-ups that make it impossible to read your content and stop people from seeing what your material is about.
  5. Less is more. Long-form content does not always equal more traffic and higher ranks in a mobile-first environment.

SEO Optimization

You should look at the following points:

  1. Ascertain that your website is mobile-friendly.
  2. Check for and resolve status code issues.
  3. Google Search Console allows checking the indexing of your website. Analyze and correct any faults detected.
  4. Remove redundant title tags and meta descriptions.
  5. Evaluate the content of your website. Examine the traffic statistics in Google Analytics. Think about enhancing or removing underperforming material.
  6. Repair any broken links. These are detrimental to the user experience and rankings.

User Experience

As per Peter Morville, the following aspects affect UX:

  1. Useful: Your content must be distinctive and meet the demands of viewers.
  2. Usable: Your website should be simple to operate and navigate.
  3. Desirable: Your design aspects should inspire emotion and admiration.
  4. Findable: Combine design and navigation components to help people locate what they require.
  5. Content must be accessible to everyone, along with the 10% of the population with disabilities.
  6. Credible: For visitors to respect you, your website must be reliable.
  7. Valuable: Your site should deliver value to both the user and the enterprise in terms of a satisfactory ROI.

Content Ideas

As you develop your website, remember that the provided content will be one of the primary reasons individuals arrive at your site. Here are some ideas that can encourage people to stay on the online project.

  1. Whether you provide a physical product or a service, how-to instructions may be an effective approach to increase client happiness and commitment. It is a low-cost method of offering value that helps your company thrive.
  2. Podcasts are easier to digest than written content and allow you to multitask. They also provide an excellent chance to reach a new audience by appearing as a speaker on other podcasts.
  3. Case studies and testimonials are two of the most effective strategies to build your reputation. They enable affecting the purchase decisions of prospective clients.
  4. eBooks are excellent lead generators that you can use in a variety of ways. They are great marketing tools because they provide prospective clients with beneficial and worthwhile info. They also give them an incentive to fill out a form on your site.
  5. It is also possible to organize interviews with your staff, buyers, or industry professionals. These allow showing people how they can profit from your product or service. You will also provide valuable insights into your company and the industry you work in.


If you find all of these steps boring and complicated, you can solve the question of how to launch a website in another way. Without a doubt, you can choose the best website templates, customize them, and add the desired content. However, using an all-in-one website creation service, it is possible to relax and entrust this task to professionals. They will do everything instead of you, including:

  • template installation and customization (you can choose any WordPress or Joomla website templates design for free);
  • on-page SEO optimization;
  • GDPR & CCPA compliance;
  • security measures against hackers and cyber threats.

After Choosing Website Templates: How to Promote and Monetize Your Site?

When you have a ready-to-use site based on website templates business, it is time to promote and monetize it.

  1. Improving your SEO will help you achieve higher organic search engine rankings and attract more visitors. Although SEO is a complicated process, you can give it a jump start by delivering superior content. There is also a chance to add basic stuff like meta descriptions. Other activities you may conduct include keyword optimization, increasing the number of links to your site, and integrating with Google My Business and Yelp.
  2. Expanding your list of contacts and dividing it to attract diverse categories of consumers is critical. Then, you can start offering relevant content through emails to persuade users to stay involved.
  3. Social media networks are fantastic for promoting your site. You may take your goods or services straight to your market via these social networks. In addition to this, you can communicate with your customers and receive immediate feedback.
  4. Furthermore, social media is a never-ending blessing since you can get the assistance of stars and influential people. These individuals are known as influencers. Contact well-known personalities and offer to pay them to promote your site in their posts. It will result in tremendous traffic growth.
  5. PPC (pay-per-click) marketing produces sponsored advertisements that show on search engines. Google AdWords is the most prominent paid advertising platform. You may also use Facebook advertising for PPC.

A Few Words in Conclusion

If you want to establish a business or a personal project, you will need a web page. Getting a site ready used to be a difficult undertaking. Creating a brand-new project required solid coding knowledge, and the procedure was far from intuitive. However, new technologies, website templates, and platforms have made website construction easier. It is not necessary to code. In other words, every person with basic computer skills can create a project with website templates business. Generally speaking, it is possible to opt for both premium options and website templates for free. If you want a lot of personalization capabilities and extra add-ons, it is better to work with paid website templates design. By the way, our promo code “entheos” provides 5% OFF on website templates from TemplateMonster. Thanks for reading!