Popular Web Design Trends 2011 – Part 6

Social media integration is the syncing of all social media profiles on various social media platforms and aligning their functionality with that of a company’s main website.

Social media platforms:

  • increase web traffic and clicks through social sharing
  • provide social branding
  • increase brand visibility through social media marketing and promotion
  • enable customers to give feedback

To use social media effectively on your website,

  • Consider its positioning, color, approach, size, style. The customer should be able to find social networking buttons quickly and like what he sees
  • Call attention without distracting from what’s important in the site

EnviraMedia – www.enviramedia.com

The Twitter bird sits on a branch of the tree which is the main visual on the site.

Wild Bills Soda – The social media icons are intelligently crafted into the layout as a signboard on the right. The animated shadow of a cowboy stalking up the path, reaching for a gun, only serves to heighten the visual attention on these icons.

Just in case you miss the Twitter icon on top of the page, it stays with you as you scroll right down the page and looks a lot like a menu tab in this design.

Don’t miss Twitter as you scroll down  in the footer which is given almost the weightage of a menu tab. 


This site lets the visuals speak – on hover they act as a personal introduction to the artist, his portfolio and his interests.  See the upfront emphasis on the social networking icons here.  


Social media icons on soda cans – very creative and relevant to the name of the site!

Healthy Harvest – www.healthyharvesthydro.com

Healthy Harvest uses the social media icons on the header as well as the footer to promote its H3O blog.

Edgepoint Church

A huge Twitter icon with shadow on the intro slideshow of a church website and more social networking icons on the side! Shows the importance of social media in any community.

Note the bird pointing the way to the icons on the footer.


An animated pen stops right over the diary to call attention to all contact details including pencil-drawn social networking icons with “call to action” lines.

Popular Web Design Trends 2011:

  1. Hand-drawn Design
  2. Mega Design Elements – Fonts, Headers & Footers
  3. Parallax 3-D Effects
  4. Mobile-friendly Websites
  5. Use of CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery 
  6. Social Networking Integration
  7. Minimalism
  8. Magazine-style Layouts

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