Popular Web Design Trends 2011 – Part 1

This is part of our series on popular web design trends 2011.

Hand-drawn design is not only used by  illustrators, artists, writers, designers, photographers,  advertising agencies, film-makers and others in creative fields,  but is also being used for fashion and tourism sites, scientific,  medical  and corporate sites to convey a feel of innovation, flexibility and distinctiveness.  Hand-drawn design is being used effectively for portfolio sites, to make a personal statement and set a website apart. 

Hand-drawn elements in web design range from:

Hand-drawn Menus and Fonts

Hand-drawn Process Charts


Art and Illustration


Cartoons in this site add a touch of fun and innovativeness to the usual expected formal photographs of founders. 

Hand-drawn Headers and Footers

The footer is designed on the lines of the site’s artistic header and both work well for this designer’s portfolio site. The penciled circles, handwritten text and casual highlighting in the site give emphasis to specific points or sections. Note how the footer calls attention to the contact information in an artistic way.




The Complete Web design Using Hand-drawn Elements

Cantilever uses hand-drawn fonts, illustrations, textures, photo-art, menus and single-page web design to create a complete user experience while providing a lot of information neatly and artistically

Neat fonts

Hand-written menu

Hello Studios uses hand drawn design elements in their icons, tag lines and images.

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