1. Meta tags
    The first and most important step is to create relevant meta tags after studying your competition and coming up with the most important keywords for you site. All the pages in your web site must have the relevant keywords, title and description.
  2. Keywords in your Content
    The keywords used in your meta tags should be repeated in your content – specially in the heading and the first paragraph.
  3. Alt Tags
    Put your keywords in the image alt tags. Some search engines index the alt tags.
    The golden rule for effective search engine submission is that all your important keywords should appear in your title, description, content and alt tags of your web page. This increases your keyword density and helps in boosting your ranking with the search engines.
  4. Create Doorway Pages
    Create doorway pages for your most important keywords. These keyword specific pages will rank higher in the search engines and can be used as a doorway to your site.
  5. Site Readiness
    Directory submissions are reviewed by people, so make sure your site is 100% complete before submitting it.
  6. No special Symbols in your URL
    Don’t put any special symbols in your URL (e.g. &, %,=, $ ,? ). Search engines cannot recognize these symbols.
  7. Don’t Spam
    Try to stay in the search engines’ good books by not spamming. Spamming includes excessive keyword repetition, machine generated doorway pages with little or no content and pages that contain invisible text.
  8. Submit to the Major Search Engines and Directories
    Make sure you have submitted your web site to the 10 big search engines and directories. Most of your traffic will be generated from these search engines. Keep checking to see if your web site is indexed. Dmoz, Direct Hit and Inktomi seem to be gaining a lot of importance so make sure that you are listed in these sites. Their results are used by a number of other important search engines.
  9. Don’t change the URL of your pages after submission
    Never change the path of any of your web pages after submitting your web site. Don’t rename a file or change the file extension. This can really hurt your promotion efforts because it will show up as a dead link in the search results page.
  10. Be Patient
    Don’t expect miracles overnight. It may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months to be indexed in the big search engines and directories. Keep checking every week and be patient. Continue to add quality content to your site. That will be a sure winner.

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