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Altavista is another one of our favorite search engines. It uses a combination of meta tags, title, link popularity and content to generate its search results. It doesn’t take very long to get indexed and listed in the Altavista search engine, but you need to continuously work on your content, link popularity and meta tags to get a good ranking.

  • Submitting to Altavista
    You need to submit each of your pages separately to the Altavista search engine. It does not automatically follow links and index the entire site like Google. Altavista has now added a fun game that you need to pass to submit your URL’s to their database!
     Click here to read more about it
     Click here to directly submit to Altavista
  • Getting Listed in Altavista
    Getting listed in Altavista is usually very quick. You should be indexed and listed within a week or two of submission. Here’s a cool tip to find out if you are listed in Altavista. All you need to do, is go to the search box in the Altavista site and type in host:www.YOUR

    The results of this search will give you all the pages listed in Altavista under your domain, in this case If you want to find a particular page that is listed you need to type in:
    url:www.YOUR DOMAIN .com/PAGE.asp. e.g. site_promotion/default.asp.
    If you are not listed don’t worry it’s only a matter of time.
  • Altavista Ranking
    In brief Altavista gives importance to content, links ,title and meta tags while ranking pages. Click here to read more about Altavista’s ranking factors.
    Here’s a quick tip to find sites that are linking to you (in other words your link popularity). All you need to do, is go to the search box in the Altavista site and type in +link:www.YOUR

    The results of this search will give you all the sites listed in Altavista that are linking to your site. You will get a good idea of your link popularity by using this cool tip.

    Take a look at our article on link popularity to get some ideas on how to get other sites to link to you. Get quality links and increased visitor traffic with only minutes of submission effort! Submitting to these sites is a great way of increasing your link popularity and getting a high ranking with the popular search engines.

Quick Tips ‘n’ Tricks

  1. Make sure all your important keywords appear in your title, description, content and alt tags of your web page. This increases your keyword density and helps in boosting your ranking.
  2. Write articles, give away freebies and make your site a quality site with fresh content. Sites will automatically link to you thus increasing your link popularity.
  3. Keep checking your listing and link popularity by using the tips already discussed:
    LISTING: host: www.YOUR

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