There are plenty of free search engine submission tools available on the Net. While some of them promise to submit your site to hundreds of search engines, my personal favorites are those that submit web sites to only 20-40 major search engines. The reason is simple – these search engines generate approximately 85% of web site traffic. I hardly get any traffic from the other search engines.

First time submission? Do it manually

Before telling you about the search engine submission tools available, I’d like to tell you that it’s really easy to submit to search engines and I recommend very strongly that you submit manually. I have made a page that gives you the URLs of the submit pages of all the major search engines, and tips to submit to these engines. It will only take an hour or two of your time and you will be able to see the confirmation of your URL being submitted. You can read my article on Search Engine Submission and find out just how easy it is.

Use free tools to update or resubmit

You must be wondering why I’m recommending manual submission, when this article is about free automatic search engine submission services. Well, as these free tools are available on the Net we should make use of them. Here’s what I suggest – After manually submitting to all the search engines your web site promotion efforts are not over. You have to resubmit every 2 months or so and also submit new pages that you have added to your web site That’s when you should use these tools. Try them out and update your site in the search engines in just seconds.

Free Search Engine Submission Sites/Tools

  • Submit Corner
    You’ll like this submission tool because it allows you to choose the search engines you want to submit to. This wizard usually takes under 30 seconds and you’ll have your site submitted to the top engines instantly. It also has other cool tools you can use to optimize and improve your web site. It’s a great resource site!
  • Submitplus
    Good tool because you have to fill only two fields (Email and URL) and their service effectively submits your web site to the top 10 search engines in less than 1 minute!Its other cool features include real time status reporting, live confirmation link and an email report.
  • Cyberid
    Simply fill in the form and click ‘Submit’ – you will be able to verify each entry by clicking the relevant hyperlink. They also have a FREE Meta-Tag Builder that you can use to ensure that your tags are optimized for the Search Engine Spiders.
  • Add Me
    Submit your site to the top 30 most popular search engines and directories.
  • Webtoolcentral
    Here’s another simple form to fill up. You can also choose the search engines that you want to submit to.

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