Search Engine submission is an important factor that could help make your business succeed online. In order to get the best results from search engines, Entheos offers you the following web site submission tips.

Before you start the process of submitting your web site to all the major search engines, make sure that you have optimized your web pages and checked your site thoroughly. If you would like to learn more about this, read our article on Preparing your web pages for effective web site promotion leading to high search engine ranking

It’s easy! Just read our tips, click on our links and submit your site

In this section we have made a list of all the major search engines which will drive approximately 80% of visitor traffic to your site. These are the search engines that you need to focus on getting listed in. We have given tips on submitting to these search engines and have provided links to their ‘Add URL’ pages. All you have to do is read our tips, click on our links and submit your site to the top search engines. It’s that simple. You’ll be finished in just an hour or two.

Are you ready? Have fun. Work hard. Get ready for a lot of traffic!

Altavista Search Engine

AltaVista usually adds a page within a few days. It’s best to submit only a few URLs per day to them, even though they appear to accept as many as you try to feed them. For whatever reason, they just don’t seem to index them as quickly if you give them a lot at once. All you need to do is submit your URL.

 Submit to Altavista here

Google Search Engine
Google is one of our personal favorites. It makes heavy use of link popularity as a primary way to rank web sites. This can be especially helpful in finding good sites in response to general searches such as “cars” and “travel,” because users across the web have in essence voted for good sites by linking to them. The system works so well that Google has gained widespread praise for its high relevancy. Google also provides some results to Yahoo and Netscape Search. Submit only your homepage URL. It will automatically index the entire site.

 Submit to Google here

Excite Search Engine
Excite claims it takes about two weeks to add a submitted URL to its index. Sometimes, but not always. You’ll need to be very persistent with them. But take the time to do it, Excite is the primary search service for the new giant AOL/Netscape.

 Submit to Excite here

Lycos Search Engine
Its main listings come from the Open Directory project, and then secondary results come from either Direct Hit or Lycos’ own spider. Just follow their simple instructions and don’t expect immediate results from your submission. Again, your best bet is to get indexed in the Open Directory project.

 Submit to Lycos here

MSN Search Engine
Enter your URL, e-mail, site name and site description to submit your site.

 Submit to MSN here

Fast Search Engine
Enter your URL, category and e-mail address to submit your site. The Norwegian company behind FAST Search also powers some of the results that appear at Lycos

 Submit to Fast – All the web here

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