We have featured the best HTML5 & jQuery Website templates that include single page designs, drop down menus, awesome photo gallery designs and sliders, css3 and jQuery animated designs, full screen background slideshow animations, smart typography, social networking icons and much more!

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HTML5 is the latest version of HTML used in websites. This standard defines a single language that can be written in HTML and XML. HTML5 overcomes many limitations found in previous versions of HTML and addresses the needs of Web Applications, which were previously not adequately covered. HTML5 is supported on all mobile devices, tablets, and looks great on any computer screen.

Presently the HTML5 technology has come into full maturity. Being one of the latest web development options, HTML5 aims to revolutionize and streamline the way web developers create websites. Though HTML5 standards have yet to be finalized, this markup language currently offers great features and benefits to develop brilliant forms and best layouts, using its new canvas element and readable codes. Also it is now fully possible to have video, which is a major advantage over earlier versions.

Free HTML5 Website

Already there is a widespread use of HTML5 in the web. There are many latest live sites which use HTML5 markup language. You can build site using our HTML 5 templates which are animated using Java script and modern in look. Listing below few samples of website templates using HTML 5.

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Template 34167 – Single Page Black & White Photography jQuery & HTML5 Website Template With Lightbox Photo Gallery 

Template 39107 – Single Page Photographer HTML5 Website Template with Full Screen Background Photograph Gallery 

Template 34015 – Hotel HTML5 Website Design With Homepage Image Carousel Gallery 

Template 35270 – Kindergarten and Nursery Colorful Website Template 

Template 32271 – Homepage Photo Gallery HTML5 Website Template 

Template 39054 – HTML5 & jQuery Website Template With Animated Header

Template 34536 – Restaurant & Cafe HTML5 Website Template With Image Carousel Gallery 

Template 35470 – School & Children HTML5 Website Template With Homepage Image Slideshow Animation 

Template 37336 – Model Agency HTML5 & jQuery Single Page Website Template With Stunning Full Screen Background Images

Template 40763 – Single Page HTML5 Jewelry Website Design With Full Screen Background Images 

Template 35873 – Hotel HTML5 Website Design With Accordian Style Photo Gallery 

Template 38507 – Actor Website Template With Homepage Collage Design 

Template 31444 – Florist HTML5 Website Design With Unique Homepage Design 

Template 39902 – Awesome Hair Salon Single Page HTML5 Website Template With Full Screen Background Images 

Template 39066 – Catering Site Single Page Website Template With Vertical Scrolling 

Template 39104 – Single Page jQuery & HTML5 Real Estate Website Template 

Template 39270 – Single Page Navigation Business Website Template with Full Screen Background Images 

Template 39125 – Single Page Pro Website Template with Full Screen Background Images, Custom Fonts and Photo Galleries 

Template 39068 – Single Page jQuery & HTML5 Design Studio Website Template

Template 39064 – Single Page Website Navigation Business Template – HTML5 & jQuery 

Template 39222 – Dance Studio Single Page Website Template With Parallax Scrolling Effect 

Template 39562 – Business HTML5 Website Design 

Template 39269 – Single Page Navigation Gray Website Template Design – Circle Theme 

Template 39126 – HTML5 & CSS3 Premium Architecture Company Website Template 

Template 39142 – Ribbon Design Food HTML5 Website Template with Image Slideshow, Smart Typography & Drop Down Menus 

Template 38901 – Full Screen Background Image Slidehsow Jewelry HTML5 Website Template 

Template 38912 – Single Page Restaurant Website Template Design with Full Screen Background Image 

Template 39159 – Clean & Minimal jQuery & HTML5 Website Template

Template 40759 – Fashion Photographer Single Page HTMl5 Website Design With Full Screen Background Photo Gallery 

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