Entheos has picked out the best responsive template designs in our collection to bring in business for you, attract members to your club, and impress your customers.  Hero images, various design options and possibilities built into the template, galleries and blogs, banners, parallax, lazy load, video, animation, sliders, hover effects and carousels keep your users engaged while you walk them through your web content. These templates come with the latest in UX and UI design. Check them out!

Best web templates march 2016 | entheosweb

Template 58533 – Construction Building Responsive Website Template with Gallery
and Blog

This Construction Template features a hero image with a three-column layout. The theme is yellow and we see a yellow  hue in the main image, yellow helmets in other images below, yellow icons, circles and keypad icons to present statistics,  and yellow buttons.   The logo, shopping cart and search icons are in a deeper shade of yellow on the blue header.  White space increases the readability of the text while neutral grey provides visual relief. Client logos are presented in grey and testimonials are presented in text in a carousel  with client images in circles without colored outlines. The blue footer has a
smart look with yellow buttons and footer links in yellow.  The template has a gallery
and a blog.This template can be customized in several ways according to your design preferences,  as explained in Features in the Live Demo.

Template 58533 - Construction Building Responsive Website Template

Template 52225 – Running Club Responsive Website Template

Red, blue and yellow  and black with a calendar make a bold statement about running to keep fit, in this Running Club Responsive Website Template.   Circles with images show runners on the move.  A calendar marks dates with events highlighted in red.  Photographs show runners clearly enjoying their running routine. A map and social sharing icons invite users to share the content. The gallery can be viewed by category and also highlights sponsors.  Club  membership and its benefits are promoted and
some club  members highlighted.

Template 52225 - Running Club Responsive Website Template

Template 58561 – Moderno Web Development Responsive Website Template 

This template for a Web Development company has a minimalist design. A neat
drop-down menu shows how the template can be customized in various ways. The header slider grabs attention followed by a representative works of the company arranged in a grid. Services are presented in a text grid with animated  icons. Testimonials with insets of customer faces in circles are presented in a carousel against a background of a computer keyboard.  Web-related statistics are provided,  the team is introduced, blog posts are shown in a carousel and client logos are highlighted.   The footer has contacts and useful links.
Template 58561 - Moderno Development Responsive Website Template

Template 56023 – Thunder Studio Responsive Website Template

Circles, triangles, rectangles,  rhombuses and hexagrams make meaningful patterns in this website template for a Design and Apps Studio.   Typography has a luminous appeal to it and text is in all caps on a background of thundery sky with animated lightning effects. The Gallery is presented innovatively and encapsulated in the form of hexagrams divided into triangles, each standing for one project.  When clicked, each triangle expands into a long poster that shows the Studio’s work for that client, in that medium. The whole gallery forms the shape of a diamond – representing the many facets of the Studio’s most prized collection.  The Studio’s multi-faceted Services are presented in rhombuses and the luminous symbols turn to text on hover, text that explains the service symbol – mobile, audio, security, code, maps.

Template 56023 - Thunder Studio Responsive Website Template

Template 58433 – Exdesimo Exterior Design Garden Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template 

This layout falls into the  regular squares and rectangles of garden landscapes, with rhombuses for icons and shades of transparent green filtering  over  the garden  backgrounds.  The header slider shows ideas for  exteriors and garden landscaping.
Text boxes, banners and icons with text give further details on how to beautify your exterior landscapes with garden sculpture, lawns and ornamental plants.   The gallery shows different focus areas of exterior landscaping to give ideas to the home owner. The photographs enlarge and some can be seen in the context of the home.  An introduction
to the team reassures the home owner that his or her exterior is in capable hands.

Template 58433 - Exdesimo Exterior Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Template 58407 – Food & Mood Restaurant Landing Page Template 

This Restaurant Landing Page Template is designed in complementary colors
of green and lime-green; red, orange and yellow and  shades of purple, beige and
brown. The colors divide the content into sections and present a cheerful appeal.
Within each color band there are shades like green and lime green, orange and red, shades of purple, beige and brown that give an attractive look to the layout.

Green signals Go – Drive in!  An appetizing spread  is presented with a form to make
a reservation for a relaxing  sit-down meal and drink. A yellow Search bar encourages
you to Find a Table, just in case there is  one table free.  The food colors used in this section are more of yellow and brown with touches of red to go with the green background.  Red signals “Do stop by!” A Welcome message and the host’s passion
for food is shared in the opening text of the template, along with mouth-watering
images of food with touches of red and yellow. The Menu is clearly given with prices in
a carousel on a yellow background,  which contrasts with purple below. The advantages of the restaurant are spelt  out on the purple background  which hints of royal treatment. Social media icons are in purple too. The guest leaves the site feeling special. The map shows the location.
Template 58407 - Food & Landing Page Template

Template 52738 – Study Abroad Responsive Website Template  with Parallax Slider
and Blog

The header slider demonstrates the ease with which a student can achieve the seemingly difficult process of getting an education abroad. He is depicted having a cup of tea sitting on a pile of books, or standing on a pile of books while demonstrating a graph, or with an “I’ve done it!”expression.  Designed in a light shade of grey , this website template uses blue icons to draw attention to its programs and colorful banners to highlight places where the prospective student can go for advice.  The banners are flagged off with large fonts that catch the eye. A section of text provides more information leading into the site, followed by a downloadable brochure, a  slider midway through the page showing student activities and a calendar of events designed with attractive ribbons and a map.   News is presented with lazy loading animations, text  and photographs.  The Services  page with blue icons and animations makes content easy to read.   The blog has lazy loading photographs and text highlighting student activities.  The footer has useful links.

Template 52738 - Study Abroad Responsive Website Template

Template 57895 – Condo Management Responsive Website Template with
Parallax, Carousel

Yellow and black make a dramatic combination in this website template for a Condo Management company. Banners with geometric designs and hover effects  in yellow , along with a carousel, focus on the company’s services and areas of specialization in Condominium Management and Real Estate.  The gallery below can be viewed as a slideshow and showcases the company’s  projects – Completed, In Progress and Future Projects.  The company’s team is shown in circles against a background of polygons in  a light grey with hover effects in yellow. Client logos are shown in reverse on black, with yellow hover effects.  A simple contact form in white with yellow contact button stands out against a wooden background along with the footer with useful links.    Links from the homepage lead into the website with an About Page, a Services page, a Gallery page and a News page featuring projects in progress, featured events and client testimonials.   Each of the pages  carries a banner with a grey and white  polygon background as on the homepage, for continuity  through the website and a modern appeal.

Template 57895 - Condo Management Responsive Website Template

Template 51119 – Supermarket Food Responsive Magento Theme

This Supermarket Food Responsive Magento Theme is designed in fresh green
and attractive red, with a light background and borders of food shading into grey.
Bold red icons on black  accent the services.  Header banners  divide food into categories, with one larger banner inviting the shopper to Shop Now!  Search
buttons lead into the respective pages relating to the product categories.
Colorful horizontal banners focus on discounts and sales.  Clicking on a product
leads to a product page with description, product slideshow, price,  shopping cart,
social icons and related products.  The footer has useful links and a sitemap.  The template can be customized in four languages, two currencies, and features
the user account login, checkout, search and shopping cart functions on the top.Template 51119 - Supermarket Food Responsive Magento Theme

Template 56106 – Cars Portal Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template with Carousel, Slider, Parallax  and Lazy Load Effect

This Cars Portal Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template showcases cars from all manufacturers under one roof. The Home page with hero image, banners and gallery encapsulates interesting snippets from the car industry and leads into the inner web pages.  It covers new car launches and  test drives of cars in the making, a gallery and interesting statistics about automotive products.  Inside the car portal, the About page with drop-down menu gives details about the history, principles and values of the company and shares testimonials of customers.  The Gallery shows spectacular views of customers’  cars in full-width banners, videos and slideshows with descriptions. News, updates and trends with images and lazy load effects keeps buyers in the know with the latest on the car scene.   The Blog gives information about car models from various manufacturers in an attractive format.

Template 56106 - Cars Portal Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Template 55345 – Family Center Responsive Drupal Template with Parallax Slider,
Lazy Load  Effect and Blog

This heart-tugging Family Center Responsive Drupal Template has a parallax slider that produces a 3D effect, and large rounded text that is appropriate for a family and children’s website. The text turns red on hover, red symbolizing love which is also the color of the introductory banner. Colorful banners in red, blue and yellow, backed by large images in matching colors, catch the eye and lead the user to read the text, with large fonts as headlines. Services are presented on calming blue as a bulleted list which is easy to read and  leads into the site.  Events are presented on yellow which is a high-impact, high-energy color, leading into a blog.  The contact form is kept simple on white, followed by a map.  The colors serve to divide the content naturally into sections that are easy to read. The logo in red  on a black menu bar matches the social media buttons in red on the black footer.

Template 55345 - Family Center Responsive Drupal Template