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Magetique embraces all of our design and technical knowledge, which translates into the most advanced Magento 2 experience. It includes a myriad of marketing, design and administration tools. No other theme on the market offers this much functionality right off the bat – you’re getting over 20 extensions that facilitate your business needs. From simple upsell modules, like Smart Product Labels and Featured Products, to advanced design functions, like Parallax & Background Video. Easily edit pages, page blocks and various on-screen elements to provide a tailored shopping experience for your clients. You don’t need any CSS knowledge or programming skills to do that. You get all of this eCommerce goodness for free. The package includes 5 layouts that were carefully crafted to fit a variety of niches. They are easily installed and managed with an intuitive interface and detailed documentation. A plethora of editing features, like custom footer and header layouts, offer simple re-design options that will keep your store fresh and appealing. All of this is tucked into a package that runs smoothly on any device – optimized for the ever-growing hordes of mobile shoppers. The high GTMetrix and Google’s Page Speed scores come as a cherry on top.

Template 62000 | entheosweb
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