Entheos presents the latest responsive web design templates from landing pages that convert visitors into leads; to online stores like VirtueMart, OpenCart and WooCommerce that you can manage yourself; to Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress that allow you to easily publish, edit and modify and manage content. Geometric shapes like circles, rhombuses, squares and rectangles serve to separate different content elements neatly. Photos in alphabet  or other shapes,  textures, transparent overlays, hovers, animations and video backgrounds retain the viewer’s visual interest. Blogs and galleries present content attractively without overloading your viewport, thanks to lazy loading. Responsive website design ensures that your templates adjust to the size of most popular viewports.

Template 57630 – Hotel Responsive Landing Page Template with Newsletter, Photo Gallery, Booking Form

Convert site visitors into profitable leads with this responsive hotel landing page template!  This Hotel Responsive Landing Page Template gets right down to business with its
eye-catching H-shaped photo visual showing a hotel skyline with white space all around; a photo gallery with zoom, selling room and conference facilities; a booking form and newsletter subscription to entice customers to sign up immediately; and social media icons to tap into social networks. This theme has on-line chat and a theme color switcher for flexibility. This responsive website template can be used for hotels and services, outdoor and travel businesses.

Template 57630 hotel responsive landing page template | entheosweb

Template 57946 – Engraving Services Responsive Website Template with Slider,
Gallery, Animations, Illustration

Template 57946 engraving services responsive website template | entheosweb

From engraving designs, to machinery, to calligraphy, this Engraving
Services Responsive Website Template has it all. A combination of illustration, photography and calligraphy, rich engraving, black and white with the color of metal gives a sophisticated and professional look to the site.  The slider highlights the kind of specialized work done by the company and banners below show close-ups of the work in action. Gallery images with zoom impress the customer with the skill of the engraver.  The services section with icons details the kind of work undertaken by the company, from stationery to invitations, awards and plaques to engraving on metal. The gallery impresses with the kind of detailing shown in each piece of art. The contact page has a personalized look with a calligrapher’s hand holding a tool behind a contact form below a map.

Template 55690 – Café and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme
with Slider, Parallax, Gallery and Blog
Template 55690 café and restaurant responsive wordpress theme with slider parallax gallery and blog | entheosweb

This trendy, minimalist Café and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme has a smart look in black, white and grey with accent touches of red. Horizontal panels in shades of grey visually divide the content, with red buttons to lead eye movement, and to provide menu and arrow buttons and calls to action.  The red logo stands out on white. Food is displayed to tempt the appetite of the customer – in image, video, audio or gallery formats.  The restaurant’s timings are given in the bottom panel followed by contact details.  The blog with a background of neutral beige highlights images of food appetizingly. The responsive design adjusts to popular mobile devices.  Parallax provides a 3D appearance.

Template 55806 – Dinosaur Park Responsive WordPress Theme with Parallax, Blog, Portfolio
Template 55806 dinosaur park responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb

Template 55076 – Pool Builder Responsive Website Template with Slider, Video Background, Geometric Shapes

Template 55076 pool builder responsive website template | entheosweb

Template 57835 – Horse Breeder Responsive Joomla Template with Gallery and Blog

This elegantly designed template Horse Breeder Responsive Joomla Template is aimed at a select audience, with blocks of red, black and white split in diagonals providing background for content with circles providing focus on images and icons, images of horses emerging mysteriously out of the black background, with white providing visual relief.  The Homepage with drop-down megamenu and image has links to Categories like Stallions, Mares, Breeds, Services, Sale; and  Facilities including Training, School, Clinics, Handwalking, Sale, Gallery, Results.  The Blog provides articles and images of thoroughbred horses.  The Gallery shows racehorses being groomed and in action.Template 57835 horse breeder responsive joomla template with gallery and blog | entheosweb

Template 55548 – Radio Controlled Air Race Cars Responsive VirtueMart Template

This Radio Controlled Air Race Cars Responsive VirtueMart Template uses geometric shapes and attention-getting red and black to display its toys attractively.  The full-screen header showing RC Air Toy cars has a polygon background in grey.  Cars are presented in circle or rectangle shapes on a red background, with products that animate on scroll with a lazy loading technique.   Content boxes divide the template into sections.  Blog post previews with parallax have a 3D effect and lead into the blog. This template is a great choice for entertainment, cars, gifts and hobbies websites.

Template 55548 radio controlled air race cars responsive virtuemart template | entheosweb

Template 57733 – Tools Store Responsive OpenCart Template

This template features a menu and a drop-down menu under hand-tools that enables customers to easily find the tools they are looking for. Tools are attractively displayed in categories in banners.  Transparent grey text boxes turn solid orange on hover, with text in the main header highlighting new arrivals, and categorizing products in banners below.  A larger banner below highlights a special discount. Featured products are shown with prices.  More details are seen on hover like Add to Cart, Wish List, Compare and Quick View, with product descriptions that enable the customer to buy online.  The customer can go from individual products to product pages complete with slideshows, product codes, product options and videos, social sharing icons, customer reviews and related products displayed in a carousel.  The template has a search facility, three languages, three currencies, and icons on top that telegraph functions like home, shopping cart and checkout.

Template 57733 tools store responsive opencart template | entheosweb

Template 55606 – Spices Responsive WooCommerce Theme with Gallery and Blog

This Spices Responsive WooCommerce Theme with dropdown menu has an attractive header showing spices up front with the logo taking pride of place on an off-white background, with the telephone number and shopping hours up front. The template is designed with boxes of textured and transparent greys to differentiate content from offwhite text boxes, with red blurbs and triangles to flag off sales. On hover, black buttons turn red for shopping cart, compare and wish-list.  Cooked food is displayed in a banner below leading to the blog.  The gallery with zoom displays spices in categories.

 Template 55606 spices responsive woocommerce theme | entheosweb

Template 55725 – Frutti Bar Responsive WordPress Theme with  Parallax, Carousel, Blog and Gallery
Fresh and natural fruit juices are presented in this clean and minimalistic template.  The header is followed by a banner with zoom effects showing black and white illustrations of berries and fruits from which juices are made. More banners below show closeups of the fruits and measures of the servings with testimonials in blue banners and carousels.  Products can be viewed with zoom effects and displayed by category in an attractive gallery in a variety of styles – image, video, gallery, audio.   The blog with large mouthwatering images provides a platform to reach out to different audiences with informative content relating to fresh juices.

Template 55725 frutti bar responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb

Template 57631 – Private Investigation Responsive Landing Page Template

A great eye-catching landing page template for a private eye with the focus as the magnifying glass.  The bold header in orange with a modern detective  and magnifying glass a la Sherlock Holmes immediately grabs attention and leads the eye to the headline that sells the merits of the investigation agency.     A text box below with light grey background has icons in circles to highlight the services of the agency. A photograph personalizes the agency and the orange button leads to more information.  An orange text box outlines more services with another button leading to more information.   A map and newsletter subscription button, email button and social sharing icons completes the landing page with its simple yet effective design. Its objective is to sell the services of the company and capture the customer’s email ID for further communication and follow-up through email and by newsletter.

Template 57631 private investigation responsive landing page template | entheosweb

Template 53410 – Music Band Responsive Website Template with Gallery, Carousel, Video, Audio

This Music Band Responsive Website Template is designed in black and red with a background of white and features a drop-down menu. Photos of the band emerge from behind a transparent banner of red with a black text box and photo on left.  The design features fade-in animations, a red logo,  audio sample, red buttons to trigger action, text headings in red and black, a large content box in red with a video and a text carousel revealing the band’s itinerary.  A gallery and a media section with video and discography helps promote the band.

Template 53410 music band responsive website template with gallery carousel video audio | entheosweb

Template 53821 – Love Pet Responsive Drupal Template with Parallax, Gallery and Blog

This website uses gentle colors to present animal  pet categories with bold text in white in the header. The images enlarge on hover. Large fonts and faded grey icons with bold black text on a white background with a picture in color of a pet owner cuddling a pet leads the eye to more furry pets on a black banner below, providing a good contrast.  Here the headline stands out in white.    The last section focuses on vaccination and shows a veterinarian at work with the happy new owners.     The text focuses on the contact numbers of the clinic and ends with the logo.  The gallery shows images of the pets and the care they get at the agency.  The blog has video and images of pets.

Template 53821 love pet responsive drupal template with parallax gallery and blog | entheosweb

Template 55160 – Event Planner Responsive Drupal Template with Slider,
Parallax, Gallery, Lazy Load Effect

A full-screen slider with text on transparent blocks selling the benefits of the services of the event planning company; featured services presented on banners highlighted in purple; statistics presented in animations in colored circles; an  events gallery with hover effects and lazy load, a blog with large images and articles promoting different kinds of events handled by the company; a newsletter signup, a map and social media icons all work together to make this mobile-friendly Event Planner Responsive Drupal Template complete.

Template 55160 event planner responsive drupal template | entheosweb

Template 55079 – Blues Band Responsive Website Template with Parallax

This Blues Band Responsive Website Template has a unique header design that presents the band within inverted ‘B’ shapes  that mirror one another. Elegant typography, a drop-down menu, silhouetted photography with large fonts that form a banner, more colorful banners and a tour calendar, discography and attractively presented tour concerts and featured live events,  a bio featuring top albums and awards of the group, testimonials by fans,  a map and social sharing icons makes this a complete website.  This stylish template is just right for music and entertainment websites.

Template 55079 blues band responsive website template | entheosweb