Presenting content neatly without boring the audience is the goal of the website templates below, and they have achieved it with minimum fuss.  From Moto CMS HTML templates to WordPress and Drupal CMS templates, to Magento ecommerce templates,  these responsive templates use flat and minimal design with galleries, blogs, carousels, sliders and more to engage the visitor, draw her into the site, present calls to action and contact information.  Elegant typography, sleek, rounded buttons, transparent or colorful banners, . are just a few of the design elements used to enhance website appeal.

Best web templates april 2016 | entheosweb

Template 57644 – Jessica Priston Hair and Make-up Artist  Responsive Website Template

This template makes a statement of style with its elegant fonts, white background, pink buttons, menu and banners and understated menu  drop-downs with dotted lines, and  footer in a light beige that offsets the pink social media icons with rollover effects.  The homepage showcases the kind of events that the artist  prepares her clients to look their best for, in the header.  An arrow shape in the homepage design focuses the viewer’s attention on a model and a quote, leading to content about the hair and makeup artist.   Recent works are showcased in an attractive image gallery with pink rollovers, captioned with the name of the artist.   A Portfolio showcases the artist’s capabilities and her specialized Services are highlighted in another section.

Template 57644 - Jessica Priston Hair and Make-up Artist Responsive Website Template

Template 58743 – Bus and Coach Hire Company Moto CMS HTML Template with Slider, Carousel and Gallery

This Moto CMS HTML Template for a Transportation Provider comes with slider and gallery options including a  background  slider, grid slider and reflection gallery.  It includes a mobile layout and is cross-browser compatible. Large images, a grid layout, banners and content blocks on white, black and transparent blue and black make this a website that is easy to scroll through and read. Content in point form is easy to skim through  and  Read More buttons on Buses, Tours and  School trips lead into the site.  A map and contact number gives a call to action on the home page, and a contact form and address is provided on the contact page.

Template 58743 - Bus and Coach Hire Company Moto CMS HTML Template with Slider, Carousel and Gallery

Template 58740 – Stand-up Comedian Writer  Responsive Website Template with Carousel and Gallery

This Responsive Personal Page Website Template for a Stand-up Comedian and Writer
is designed with the focus on the person and his creativity.  The zigzag lines below
break away from the standard straight lines of a normal template layout and speak of imagination and a willingness to experiment. The yellow buttons and banner below  contrast with the grey of the header and black of the menu, with the social media buttons presented in bright colors.  Yellow is a highly visible color and is associated with creativity, happiness, stimulation, originality, new ideas, fun, optimism, enthusiasm, good humor and confidence. Yellow is associated with the communicator, the entertainer, the networker, the comedian.  It is the right choice for a template  for a stand-up comedian and writer, providing zest and energy along with a simple yet original design that connects with the audience.

Template 58740 -– Stand-up Comedian Writer Responsive Website Template with Carousel and Gallery

Template 58581 – Infant Baby Responsive MagentoTheme with Video Integration, Parallax and Blog

The slider shows  toddlers and children of different ages and close-ups of products. The header collage contains images of  cute kids along with illustrations that  capture the viewer’s attention and show a range of products while blue ,green, yellow and red banners focus on store promotions. A pop-up newsletter subscription form with an image of a child is a sure attention getter.  It offers information on discounts and special offers in return for the visitor’s name and email.  A red banner repeats SALE three times, drawing attention to a parallax banner with 3-D effect on scroll, showing kids wearing good-looking clothes.  New products with information revealed on rollover , leading into pages with descriptions, reviews, product slideshow, video, price, shopping cart and related products.  This template  for an online store supports 4 languages and 3 currencies.

Template 58581 - Infant Baby Responsive MagentoTheme with Video Integration, Parallax and Blog

Template 58473 – Architex Architecture Moto CMS HTML Template with Slider, Parallax, Portfolio and Blog

This Architecture and Construction Moto CMS HTML Website Template presents the image of a successful company providing in architectural or construction services for residential or industrial clients.   The slider shows examples of projects handled for such clients and blue banners focus on the advantages  the company provides.  A gallery shows examples of the company’s work with pictures that enlarge on click. Large icons focus attention on the different services offered by the company from Project management to Design and Build.    A parallax banner with links and content from the blog leads into the blog.   Four contact addresses are given with numbers highlighted in blue circles to show the company’s four locations.  Social media icons are given in small sizes below.  The About section has a history of the company with video and banner with icons and illustrations and the company’s  team. The site contains a separate Folio section which shows the kind of work the company does and a  Blog that speaks personally to potential customers through helpful articles that don’t directly sell architecture services but address their needs and dreams.

Template 58473 - Architex Architecture Moto CMS HTML Template with Slider, Parallax, Portfolio and Blog


Back Up IT Support Responsive Drupal Template with Slider, Slideshow, Blog, Portfolio

Red and yellow contrast with pleasant shades of green and grey in this website template for an internet marketing company.  An arrow  hitting a target symbolizes targeted internet marketing, which this company stands for. Banners change color with rollover effects and illustrations within circles focus attention on the approach, values and resources of the company.  A newsletter provides further information. Client testimonials lead to detailed inner pages on click. Logos of companies represented are shown below. The drop-down menu presents the company’s Services in 3 gallery styles that can be viewed by
3 categories. The blog with video integration enables the company to connect with the customer.

Template 53822 - Bacl Up Responsive Drupal Template

Template 58745 – Lookbook Fashion Moto CMS HTML Template with Gallery 

Template 58745 - Lookbook Fashion Moto CMS HTML Template with Gallery

This stylish Lookbook Fashion Moto CMS HTML Template for a fashion designer showcases her latest collection. The clean design  provides room for the designer
to tell the story of her fashion brand, and the pride her people take in the production process.  A moving gallery of images present her collection.  The images expand on
click.   The Contact page with contact form helps customers get in touch with the designer.

Template 58562 – TripTastic Travel Guide Responsive WordPress Theme with Slider, Blog, Gallery and Carousel

This travel blog template using flat design has an imposing edge-to-edge header slider, content blocks with attractive images promoting getaways, a carousel highlighting tourist spots, colorful sidebar  banners and  matching buttons, sidebar banners, a calendar,  quotes in banners and category links leading into blog posts. With 8 post formats including an image, gallery, video, audio and quote format, 2 blog layouts and different header, footer and sidebar styles, this template offers you a lot of scope to vary the look of your pages.  A page about the travel blogger and his experiences and another highlighting the best of his posts categorized under different heads enables visitors to find the information that they are looking for easily.

 Template 58562 - TripTastic Responsive WordPress Theme with Slider, Blog, Gallery and Carousel

Template 57832 – Moto Bikes Responsive PrestaShop Theme with Slider, Newsletter Popup, Slideshow, Blog
This PrestaShop Theme showcases motorbikes with pizzazz, with its bold yellow and black design. The homepage slider rivets the eye with those streamlined wonders. Below, Cruisers, Scooters and Sport  models within circles on a black banner with geometric design invite you to Shop Now! Yellow buttons with rollover effects catch the eye and invite action. The Customization Tool enables you to make color and font changes in your design.  Prefer blue and green?  Switch colors with a simple click and presto!  You can see your theme with buttons and banners in the new theme colors.  To switch back, simply use the Reset button. Decide whether you want a Newsletter Popup or not. A white banner with large headline and text introduces the visitor to the company.  Product banners with promotional text, yellow rollovers and Shop Now buttons lead into the site with products displayed by bike type. Other categories such as clothes, accessories, specials and bestsellers are also featured on the homepage with Quick Views featuring product slideshows, shopping cart, color choices, price, shopping cart and social media icons.  The Blog is highlighted on the homepage with image rollovers, a large banners and links leading to blog articles. The footer with neat text on white has useful links, personalized account links and the address.
Template 57832 - Moto Bikes Responsive PrestaShop Theme with Slider, Newsletter Popup, Slideshow, Blog