Our awesome responsive website templates are designed to fit desktop to mobile devices. Best web practices such as modular content blocks, UX and UI design are used to engage the user and communicate optimally. Shown below are ecommerce templates like OpenCart and PrestaShop, and CMS templates like WordPress, Drupal and Muse templates with parallax and lazy load, video, animation, hover effects, full-width images, sliders, galleries and carousels. Check them out!

Disco Responsive Drupal Template with Gallery and Blog

Red and black with a polygon design in the header makes a splash for a party with a countdown urging users to read more in this Disco Responsive Drupal Template with red drop-down menu. A blue banner with silhouetted DJ makes a welcome banner that promises excitement, with content leading into the blog.   Images highlight dancers, strobe lights and party images.   Clock icons promote events and timing, leading to the blog. A red banner highlights night events and live music.  The location map and contact form in black makes a striking contrast to the red banner and back to top button.  Services are presented in a sortable gallery with image zoom, viewable by category or as a slideshow.  Social sharing icons with hover effects in red are placed on top right next to a user button.  Clicking it reveals the hidden login form in red for the user name and password by which the user logs in.

Disco responsive drupal template with gallery and blog | entheosweb

Template 54968 – Travel Agency Responsive Website Template with Parallax, Image Slider, Icon and Image Animation
This website template for a travel agency is attractively designed with image animations on scrolling, large eye-catching parallax banners and full-width header. Muted colors present a sophisticated look.  Users are guided into action through search, login, register forms, icons that animate on hover and draw the user into reading content.  Information on flights, booking hotels and choosing destinations helps the user make sound travel decisions. This good-looking template design makes a user-friendly travel or tourism website with the option to add a number of resource and information pages.  Text on image overlays presents content while also selling destinations, hotels and resorts. Template 54968 travel agency responsive website template with parallax image slider icon and image animation | entheosweb

Template 54814 – Seafood Restaurant Responsive Website Template with Slider and Gallery
This template has a unique logo with fonts styled in the shape of a fish. The main colors are the food colors green and orange, with colorful icons and numbering, and plenty of white space to show up the food to advantage. Large banners call attention to the chefs and popular recipes. The menu is showcased as a gallery in a grid with prices revealed on hover. On the Services page, the food is presented in circles, with animations, much like a waiter serving up a plate. There’s a surprize element in the Contact Us section on every page – a large fish jumps from behind the orange square, inviting the user to go and check out the restaurant right away! A location map, contact information and a green feedback form on the contact page invites customer feedback, while providing contrast to the orange of the red Contact section with social sharing icons.

Template 54814 seafood restaurant responsive website template with slider and gallery | entheosweb

Template 54994 – Insurance Responsive WordPress Theme with Slider, Parallax, Carousel, Gallery and Blog
The yellow banner on top sells life insurance with pictures of a happy family in a slider and changes message.  On clicking the +button, a darker yellow banner opens up to spell out the benefits of life insurance, inviting the user to Get a Quote. Icons and animations on a green point the way to the user to find an agent, or get answers. The interactive banner invites the user to ask a question or call.  Types of insurance are depicted in a carousel with circular images.  A parallax banner in green photo overlays with a slider has a 3D look, sells different types of insurance with text in white and leads into the site for more details with a ‘Click Here’ button.   Footer navigation leads into pages with details on various types of insurance and useful information.  Social media icons with animations connect with the user.

Template 54994 insurance responsive wordpress theme with slider parallax carousel gallery and blog | entheosweb
Template 53820 – Motor Cars Responsive Drupal Template with Slider, Gallery, Blog, Parallax, Lazy Load Effect
This elegant and minimal design with a background of engineering drawings, full-width slider, mustard drop-down menu , gorgeous gleaming motor cars in different perspectives and plenty of white space for readable text, provides an attractive display of cars with Read More links leading into the site for more information. Full-width parallax banners offer different views of the motor car and have a 3D effect. News leads into the blog from the homepage. The gallery can be viewed by category.  The contact form in mustard stands out from the page and invites user response.  The logo and social sharing icons are shown on the footer to evoke a connection with the user.

Template 53820 motor cars responsive drupal template with slider gallery blog parallax lazy load effect | entheosweb

Template 54875 – Art School Responsive Website Template with Parallax and Animation
Color is used vividly and expressively to draw attention and direct eye movement in this Art School Responsive Website Template.  It has tilting colorful navbars with drop-down menus of different colors; parallax banners with 3D depth; bold, colorful text titles; text animations inviting you to read; scrolling animations on a parallax banner with a 3D look,  with colorful icons focusing attention on text;  a gallery of art by child artists; modular content blocks with images and content in header, welcome, testimonial, ‘Register’  button and Contact section.  Colorful ‘read more’ buttons call attention and lead to inner pages. Notice that the large blue header becomes a narrow fixed header with the same colorful navbar as you scroll down! This template can also be used for family, education, charity, social and culture-related websites.

Template 54875 art school responsive website template with parallax and animation | entheosweb

Template 52287 –  Model Flying Club Responsive Website Template with Slider, Gallery, Carousel and Bootstrap
Blue, red and white have a smart look in this Model Flying Club Responsive Website Template for model aviation.  The logo drops into the frame with an animation and the header slider shows off the different types of model aircraft available for flying. Large text spells out messages on transparent banners that promote model aviation as a hobby.  Gallery images are shown on the homepage with buttons leading into the gallery. A red animated banner promotes events followed by a carousel showcasing logos of aircraft model making companies.  The Gallery has images of model aircraft that enlarge on click and can be viewed as a slideshow.  The Members area has image animations, links to upload images, share details of events, and share links and a calendar.  A newsletter signup, footer and location map makes the template complete.
Template 52287 model flying club responsive website template with gallery and bootstrap | entheosweb

Template 54998 – Triathlon Club Responsive Website Template with Slider, Gallery and Carousel
The intro slider with a blurred image of a biker, swimmers and runners in action has messages directed to potential club members.  Three active icons below the slider enthuse the user to click on the different sports in the Triathlon – Swim, Bike, Run. Animated fade-ins, animations, a carousel and members area make scrolling down the page exciting and draw the user into the various sections of the site. A light green shade appears on hovering over the sections Training, Racing Members and Calendar with Read More buttons in Green.  Latest News calls attention to snippets from the blog in a carousel.  The advantages of the club are shown with numbers highlighted in circles.  The coaches are introduced in circles, fading in from left and right of screen.   Location map and footer completes the template.
Template 54998 triathlon club responsive website template with slider gallery and carousel | entheosweb

Template 54980 – Contact Lenses Responsive OpenCart Template with Carousel and Slider

Full-width images draw attention to the eyes and contact lenses in the slider of this Contact Lenses Responsive OpenCart Template while a shopping cart icon invites the customer to Shop Now!   Small banners below the slider has three banners with colorful  highlights in blue, green and red, on different types of contact lenses and accessories, leading into product pages with product video, price, specifications,  reviews, add to cart, social sharing buttons and related products.   Payment options in three currencies, three  language options, search, checkout, my account and  shopping cart functions are prominent on top.  The telephone number is displayed prominently beside the shopping cart icon on the top right.   The footer has useful links, newsletter and sitemap.

Template 54980 contact lenses responsive opencart template with carousel and slider | entheosweb

Template 54969 –  Business Responsive Website Template with
Touch-Friendly Geometric Design, Parallax, Slider
Pink, yellow and orange with grey and white have a  confident look that means business in this Business Responsive Website Template.  Orange for a positive outlook, confidence and communication. Yellow  for intellect,  cheerfulness and new ideas.  Pink for passion, insight and energy.  Triangles in the design stand for  strength, balance and integration.  Supported by rectangles they also point to the strengths of the company, an action orientation, the way to the future.  Colors used boldly and images presented triangle-shaped catch the eye and attract the user’s attention to read more. Content blocks are presented in the color blocks with white space to provide visual relief.   Colorful banners present the top management while keeping the triangle motif intact. News and events are snippets from the blog on the homepage, leading into the blog with the triangle motif for dates.   A newsletter signup keeps the user connected to the company.

Template 54969 business responsive website template with touch friendly geometric design | entheosweb

Template 54986 – Spare Parts Responsive PrestaShop Theme with Slider, Carousel and Blog
The slider shows the types of cars for which spare parts are available in the store. Below the slider, four banners with yellow  Read More buttons highlight Braking Systems, Suspension Systems, Headlights and Turbo Systems.  Products are shown in a carousel below a welcome banner. Services are highlighted in a large banner with icons in yellow circles calling attention to the company’s range of services.   Latest posts from the blog are shown in animations as you scroll down the page, leading to the blog. The catalog in the menu has a dropdown menu with images for quick location of parts.  The logos of well-known spare-parts manufacturers are presented above the footer with location map, address and sitemap.

Template 54986 spare parts responsive prestashop theme with slider carousel and blog | entheosweb

Template 53384 – Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme with Slider, Portfolio, Blog, Parallax, Carousel, Lazy Load Effect
Large high-resolution images create impact in the full-screen slider in this Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme. Statistics along with icons with a change in color on hover provide an impressive picture of the company’s accomplishments on the homepage. Parallax banners provide a feeling of 3D depth  and text is overlaid on images to communicate the company’s skills as well as show the finished products. The logos of client companies are presented with animations. Testimonials are shown
in a carousel. Contact details appear with animations. The Portfolio is presented in image, slideshow, gallery, video or audio formats and is viewable by category.

Template 53384 architecture responsive wordpress theme with slider portfolio blog parallax carousel lazy load effect | entheosweb

Template 54832 – Photographer Personal Page Responsive Drupal Template with Parallax, Lazy Load effect, Gallery and Blog
The homepage presents content in brief, in modular content boxes, with images  of cameras, the photographer and her works as background.  Circles with animations (like camera lenses) present the photographer’s works, leading to the gallery or blog.  Large numbering in light fonts draws attention to different pages of the website, which are pointed to through content blocks on the homepage. The portfolio is viewable as slideshows and by category. The blog shows samples of the photographer’s work with a description of each one. The footer has social sharing icons in circles and contacts on a black band.

Template 54832 photographer personal page responsive drupal template with parallax lazy load effect gallery and blog | entheosweb

Template 53681 – Toys Store Responsive Magento Theme, Slider, Blog

This Toys Store Responsive Magento Theme is designed to be highly interactive, with ease of navigation built in. The slider attracts parents of children of different age groups while changing sales messages are shown in the text slider with Shop Now buttons below, prompting immediate action.  Bright colors – red, yellow and green are used for the buttons on top of the page – red for the shopping cart to stimulate user response. The green Categories button has a drop-down menu that enables easy selection of toys and navigation of the site.  Colorful banners below promote products for girls and boys, with hover animations and Shop Now buttons in different colors.  Products are featured in carousels. On hovering over products, more information is displayed about them.  Clicking on them lead to product pages. Product pages include product slideshows with zoom to help the user to buy, as well as product descriptions, prices, shopping cart, review, social sharing icons, stock availability. Other products are displayed in a carousel below.  Related products and a product poll are shown in the left sidebar. The blue header has the three-bar navbar icon that opens up to show  My Account, login and checkout links as well as currency and language links.  The broad blue footer has useful navigation links, a newsletter subscription sign-up, a sitemap and social sharing icons.

Template 53681 toys store responsive magento theme slider blog | entheosweb