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Template 53936 – Cars& Motors Responsive WordPress Theme with Parallax and Lazy Load Effect

Template 53936 cars and motors responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb

Yellow, orange, black and blue triangles give a striking look to this website template while providing color and an active  thrust to the presentation of motor parts. Sleek models of cars have a 3D look with parallax against a silver grey backdrop, with large bold white fonts for the names of the cars, turning a golden yellow on rollover. The slider shows cars in unique angles and the triangles below highlight their accessories, lights, styling and elegant interiors. More triangles in black on the footer symbolize a company striving for growth and perfection. This template has a gallery that can be viewed by category. The triangle/polygon motif here  gives the exciting feel of a pennant at a motor race. The About section with triangles, cars, testimonials, and team photographs has the appeal of a forward-looking company. The blog engages users with exciting information about cars..

Template 53877 – Video Online Responsive WordPress Theme with Parallax and Lazy Load Effect

Template 53877 video online responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb

Want to start a vlog or video blog?  This is the template for you. Orange,black  and grey in a neat design give you the freedom to write  description of your video and display it in your gallery under various categories.  You can also  showcase your media in image, slideshow, audio or gallery format. Lazy load effect optimizes page loading while parallax provides depth and a 3D experience for the viewer while scrolling. The stitched effect adds an understated design touch.

Template 53873 – Design Agency Responsive Landing Page Template

53873 b landing | entheosweb

This landing page template gives your audience a bird’s eye view of your design agency when they click on an ad link and land in your website.  It prevents them from leaving (or bouncing back) from a webpage with unrelated content.  This landing page template presents a special offer which can turn visitors into customers,  showcases the services of the agency and a sample of its portfolio as well as some statistics of projects done and clients served, leading to a newsletter signup.  News and Events lead into the  agency’s blog, and social media buttons lead into its media pages.

Template 53946 – Antique Store Responsive ZenCart Template

Template 53946 antique store responsive zencart template | entheosweb

This elegantly designed Zen Cart template  features a slider and banners with ghost buttons for “Shop Now” calls to action.   Featured products are shown below with descriptions on hover.  On clicking the product, a page appears with product description,  product slideshow with zoom, review, price, features.  Video may also be there.   The menu has several drop-downs menu options with different designs: Categories has a dropdown menu with  with detailed descriptions. Specials has a dropdown menu with images and descriptions.  The Manufacturers dropdown menu features their logos.  On top are the secure login, My account, shopping cart links, currency options and search bar.  This template has everything you need for a complete antique store, including the footer with social media buttons.

Template 53962 – Wedding Store Responsive Magento Theme

Template 53962 wedding store responsive magento theme | entheosweb
Ease of navigation, excellent design and presentation makes this white
and blue Wedding Store Responsive Magento Template easy to use.
A newsletter sign-up form pops up  and two models in full-length wedding
gowns flank the display of products. Banners with zoom  effects and
Shop Now buttons draw the eye  and invite action while  more banners with large fonts and hover effects call attention to discounts and shipping offers. The categories menu on the left sidebar helps the user to quickly locate what she is looking for and drop-down menus with or without images further pinpoint the item.  Specials and sales are highlighted on the left sidebar menu and on products. Products are displayed in a carousel and link to product pages with product descriptions, product slideshows with zoom, more details, price, shopping cart, social sharing buttons and videos. Related products are shown in a carousel below. The blog engages the user and provides useful information.

Template 53927 – Life Coach Responsive Website Template

Template 53927 life coach responsive website template | entheosweb

Red and black have a sophisticated look in this responsive website template for a Life Coach.  The slider shows images of a person being transformed by lessons taught and banners below show pictures of happy couples and individuals, with text on rollover explaining that a life coach can make a difference to love and relationships, work and career, life and living. A text slider shows testimonials of people who have undergone life coaching sessions and what they have gained from them.  A carousel below highlights updates.  More sections on the site highlight the courses, team and advantages of life coaching.  The contact page with contact form, map and social media encourages response.

Template 53935 – Personal Page Responsive WordPress Theme with Gallery, Blog, Parallax and Lazy Load Template 53935 personal page responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb
This Personal Page Responsive Website Template is ideal for designers, entrepreneurs, writers, artists, photographers,  social workers, environmentalists and just about anyone with a point of view to share.  The combination of black and white,  grid and banner formats with flexibility to adapt to individual styles, makes this a versatile template. Add to this, beautiful hover effects on the menu, parallax for a three-dimensional look and lazy load for optimal loading. WordPress gives you a gallery with options to post media in video, audio, image, gallery, slideshow formats. You can  also engage your audience with an up-to-date blog about your interests.

Template 53969 – Credit Card Processing Responsive Website Template
Template 53969 credit card processing responsive website template | entheoswebGreen, black and white with circular shapes, large images showing personalized service, ghost buttons and bold numbering give a vibrant look to this Credit Card Processing Responsive  Website Template while the slider and banner spell out services up front. Icons on a green banner list  credit card processing services. More banners with parallax convey information in bite-sized pieces for easy scrolling.  Testimonials are highlighted on a black banner.   The broad footer  has several links for useful information.  Template add-ons such sliders, portfolios and social and media plug-ins are available with the template.

Template 53956 – Ebooks Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Template 53956 ebooks store responsive prestashop theme | entheosweb

A newsletter subscription form pops up on opening this Ebooks Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme, designed with blocks of bright colors to attract the eyes to important content with calls to action, located right below the slider.   Attractive discounts, top ebooks, recommended reading are given prominence in the color blocks.  A banner highlights the best books of the year and leads into a product category page.   The menu enables the user to select books and buy by category, with Quick View options and on click to product pages with detailed product descriptions, product slideshows with zoom,  price, quantity, payment options, reviews.  The page promotes related producs too. A search bar on top, currency and language options, sign-in and shopping cart makes this a  very user-friendly site.

Template 53967 – Clothes Responsive PrestaShop ThemeTemplate 53967 clothes responsive prestashop theme | entheosweb

This stylish Prestashop template is a delight to the eye and is ideal for an apparel or fashion store.  A newsletter pop-up invites the user to share his or her email in exchange for updates on the latest arrivals and discounts. The image slider emphasizes sales and discounts while focusing on the apparel. The centralized layout, large and small banners, icons along with products  and the icon-based  right sidebar menu are well-designed for mobile applications. Parallax banners provide depth while scrolling. The main menu has an option for a large drop-down sub-menu that includes images and text.  Banners below the slider lead into catolog pages with sorting options. Product pages have product slideshows, product descriptions, payment options, price, shopping cart, quantity, social media, reviews, and related products. The footer provides useful navigation links, social media buttons and a sitemap.

Template 53921 – Coffee Store Responsive Shopify Theme with Parallax and Lazy Load Effect
Template 53921 coffee store responsive shopify theme | entheosweb
A newsletter signup pops up into the template to attract emails from an interested audience. The attractive logo in green and grey in the shape of a shield and a steaming cup of coffee symbolizes quality and  is centralized to the header image of coffee beans where the shopping cart and telephone number are also given prominence.  The main menu in grey has a search bar built in and three different sub-menu drop-downs: the Product mega-menu drop-down, and the blog and sales dropdown sub-menus with images and text.  The slider promotes coffee as an anytime drink, and the user can just picture herself smelling the fresh aroma and tasting it.  Hover effects on banners with green, orange and red bands draw attention to  discounts on different kinds of coffee. A large banner with blurred image promotes the coffee shop.   Featured products with prices and shopping cart lead the customer to buy. A large banner invites customers to buy online. Product pages with product slideshows with zoom, product descriptions, price, shopping cart, social sharing icons and other best selling products help the buying process. The left sidebar lists more product collections and product types. The blog engages customers with interesting content and the footer is a great way to navigate.

Template 53913 – Wedding Collection Responsive OpenCart Template
Template 53913 wedding collection responsive opencart template | entheosweb
Blue, white and grey in a grid layout with  beautiful images, attractive discounts and sales messages makes this a sophisticated yet hardworking website for a wedding collection.   Mega drop-down menus and compare/cart/wishlist icons on rollover are some of the interesting options in this template. Featured products are neatly displayed under banner images on the homepage, leading into product pages. Product slideshows, videos, descriptions, color options, prices, quantities,  specifications, social media, reviews and shopping cart with icons make it easy to buy for that special day.   The neatly designed footer carries useful navigation links and social sharing icons.

Template 53910 – Jewelry Store Responsive VirtueMart Template with Parallax Template 53910 jewelry store responsive virtuemart template | entheosweb


Beautiful zoom effects on scrolling  lend dynamism to this template for a jewelry store. Large banners showcase the jewels and categories while full-width banners in pink and green spell out Sale and New Arrivals.  All the banners feature calls to action with Shop Now buttons. Gorgeous featured products in a grid format invite users to click through to a product page featuring product slideshows with zoom, product description, shopping cart, comment form, reviews, social sharing buttons.   The catalog has a broad  dropdown menu with an image. Categories and brands are listed in the left sidebar menu.  On the homepage, large parallax banners  provide a 3D look. Blog posts below the featured products keep the reader browsing and social media plugins keep her engaged.

Template 53890 – Balloons Responsive WooCommerce Theme with Parallax, Gallery and Blog

Template 53890 balloons responsive woocommerce theme with parallax gallery and blog | entheosweb

The logo in this template is creative with balloons as a part of it. Hot, Sale and New in colorful blurbs highlight different sections of the menu. Large fonts and colorful banners call up images of celebrations and parties. Featured products with Quick Views  to stimulate interest lead into product pages with slideshows, descriptions, shopping cart, prices, stock availability, reviews, video, and social sharing icons. Further down on the  homepage are banners  that lead into the blog.  The Gallery can be enlarged and viewed as a slideshow and can be sorted and viewed by category. The search bar, shopping cart, account,  compare , wishlist and  delivery are placed on top for ease of navigation.

Template 53882 – Motor Cars Responsive WordPress  Theme with Blog, Portfolio, Parallax and Lazy Load EffectTemplate 53882 motor cars responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb

Black is a sophisticated color and this website designed in shades of black is uber-sophisticated. Hover effects in red contrast with the black and signal excitement and energy. This website is like a showroom where the user can see the cars at a glance or each car up close and personal. The slider shows sleek red and blue cars in action in a parallax banner that communicates depth.  Banners with zoom effects on hover, focus on parts of the cars.  The images enlarge when clicked.  The gallery can be viewed by category .  A banner with closeup view of a part of a motor car provides a profile of the company. The section entitled Mini Test Drives showcases a number of motor cars in a grid.  Each expands when clicked and leads to a blog post on clicking the More button. The contact page with form with closeup and full-size views of cars tempts the user to respond.  The More buttons lead into the News page and keep the user browsing.

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