Entheos brings you an awesome collection of website templates with features like  background video, parallax scrolling and lazy loading to keep your  website visitors on the same page. White space, hover effects, transparent circles, sliders, and a bold use of fonts, color and shapes make these website templates a cut above the rest with their mix of tradition and modernity, making them excellent online stores and websites, blogs and galleries that their visitors find fascinating.

Template 50626 – Clothes Store Responsive Shopify Theme  with Slider, Blog, Product Slideshows with Zoom

This attractively designed Clothes Store Responsive Shopify Theme  adapts to the size of  mobile and desktop devices. The homepage slider draws attention to best-sellers with prices.  Banners in red and yellow catch the eye and draw the user into pages showing fresh trends and new collections.  Other banners lead to category pages with more details, and horizontal banners highlight   Featured products on the homepage lead to product pages with descriptions, prices, slideshows with zoom,  social icons and shopping cart.  Navigation is easy with drop-down menus, footer and sidebar navigation.  The left sidebar shows collections, product types and best sellers neatly categorized.   The blog engages with readers with comment forms and more content regarding the collections.    Login, account, checkout, currency options and shopping cart are prominent on top.

Template 50626 clothes store responsive responsive shopify theme with slider blog product slideshows with zoom | entheosweb

 Template 51991 – Cleaning Company Responsive WordPress Theme with Parallax Slider, Lazy Load  and Hover Effects,  Gallery and Blog

Bright colors – green and yellow, blue and red catch the eye and give this design a vibrant look. An overview of the company is presented at a glance, using geometrical design elements, a fixed parallax slider providing depth on scroll, banners in a colorful grid promoting services with lazy load and hover effects.    Services are presented in a gallery in image, slideshow, gallery, video or audio formats, and can be viewed by category.  News is presented in a blog.  Customer testimonials add authenticity to the site.

Template 51991 cleaning company responsive wordpress theme with parallax slider lazy load and hover effects | entheosweb

Template 51995 – Fashion Responsive OpenCart Template with Slider, Banners, Video, Product Slideshows with Zoom

Black and gold on white make a power statement on this Fashion Responsive OpenCart Template.  The homepage slider with grid animations  highlight collections, new arrivals and deals.   Banners below lead into specific collections for men, women and children, with zoom effects on hover.  Clicking on a product leads to a product page with product description, product slideshow with image zoom, product reviews, pricing, stock availability, shopping cart and social sharing icons.  Login, checkout and search is easy with header navigation and other useful links are shown in footer navigation.

Template 51995 fashion responsive opencart template with slider banners video product slideshows with zoom | entheosweb

Template 52071 – Rocket Design Website Template with Bootstrap, Slider, Animations, Illustrations and Gallery

Orange, beige and green with neutral beige make an attractive combination along with illustrations, icons, slider, text and image animations, expandable menu and gallery in this Rocket Design Website Template  with one-page design that gives an overview of the company at a glance, while providing more information when specific buttons are clicked. The mobile layout is included in this design.

Template 52071 rocket design website template with bootstrap slider animations illustrations and gallery | entheosweb

Template 52085 – Cars Responsive WordPress Theme with Slider, Gallery,
Blog and Hover Effects

Black, grey and red make a smart combination in this Cars Responsive WordPress Theme.   Hover effects on header menu, left sidebar menu and banners create
reflections and a feeling of depth in the user experience.   Cars are presented in
a gallery in image, slideshow, gallery, video and audio formats, and can be viewed
by category.   News, information and events concerning the cars are presented in
a blog that engages the reader with comment forms and social sharing icons.

Template 52085 cars responsive wordpress theme with slider gallery blog and hover effect | entheosweb

 Template 52091 – Hiking Responsive Website Template with Slider, Gallery
and Animation Effects

This template is ideal for a hiking or adventure travel company. Orange and black
make a distinctive combination in this site while white keeps text readable and allows pictures to stand out.  Drop-down menus organize content clearly and aid navigation.
The header slider attracts the user to the challenge of hiking. Icons draw attention
to important content which is further highlighted in orange on hover, and the icons
change from black to white.    Featured Events expand on click and can be viewed as
a slideshow.   On each page, the content slides together in an animation. The site
features a gallery that highlights the different kinds of trips people take.

Template 52091 hiking responsive website template with slider gallery and animation effects | entheosweb


Template 52037 – Design Agency Responsive WordPress Theme
with Parallax, Background video, Lazy Load  Effect

The slider with big bold fonts and large images has a button that invites the
viewer to see the design agency’s works. Bright colors for banners, banner
animations on hover and circles with animated icons further draw attention to
the design and highlight the company’s strengths.  As the user scrolls, a video
playing in the background showing people at work engages the viewer’s attention.
Images of the staff expand on click and personalizes the website. Latest works
from the gallery with scroll and hover effects are showcased on the homepage
and the user is given the option to view all works.  Testimonials with customers’
images lend authenticity to the site and lead into testimonial pages.   The Portfolio
in image, gallery, slideshow, video and audio formats can be viewed by category.
The blog with zoom effects on images engages users with useful content, comment forms and social sharing icons.

Template 52037 design agency responsive wordpress theme with parallax background video lazy load effect | entheosweb

Template 52090 – Flower Online Responsive Shopify Theme with Product Slideshows, Hover Effects and Blog

The home page is designed with elegant script fonts, a blue background with pink and white color theme, menu and buttons with rounded edges that turn white or pink on hover, and banners with hover effects that focus on specific categories.  Featured products lead into product pages with product descriptions, product slideshows and related products, with pricing, social sharing and shopping cart.  The blog helps a user to plan for a wedding or special occasion with tips and useful articles,  and engages the user with comment forms designed in the theme colors and social sharing icons.     Login, account and currency links, shopping cart and search are placed prominently on top to make buying simple.  The footer has useful navigation links.

Template 52090 flower online responsive shopify theme with product slideshows hover effects and blog | entheosweb

Template 52100 – Family Life Responsive Joomla Template 

Blue, yellow, purple and green make a pleasing blend in this Family Life Responsive Joomla Template.  The homepage slider shows happy family images a blue banner below carrying reassuring messages in a slim large font. Four banners in solid colors below highlight the focus areas handled by the agency. On scrolling down further, the user finds more information neatly numbered and headlined, so she can click to read more on her area of interest. More images and information are provided in a carousel below and lead into the site. This template presents a great deal of information and images in an organized and user-friendly way.The header menu with dropdowns and footer menu with color coding makes navigation easy. Features are presented in a gallery that can be viewed as a slideshow or by category.  News and events are presented in a blog that engages the user with comment forms and social sharing icons.
Template 52100 family life responsive joomla template with slider carousel gallery and blog | entheosweb

Template 52093 – Tea Company Responsive Website Template with Slider, Video, Icons and Animations

This template is designed in white, green and black to bring to mind the freshness of tea and present images and text clearly.   The dropdown menu in black and green organizes content and aids navigation. The slider with images of green tea gardens and fresh brewed cups of tea invites you to sample the excellent tea manufactured by this company.  A stamp of quality in white on the slider further emphasizes the quality of the tea.   Icons in circles of green draw attention to important content.  Banners with images of tea gardens and videos demonstrating the tea-making process, further enhance the buyer’s experience.  A stamp of quality in green and black underscores the tea’s excellence. Different kinds of teas are invitingly laid out below and customer testimonials lend authenticity to the site. Each page is attractively laid out and content slides into the screen with animations.

Template 52093 tea company responsive website template with slider video icons and animations | entheosweb

Template 52127 -Fashion VirtueMart Template with Video background & Parallax Effect, Flexsliders and Blog

This Fashion VirtueMart Template captures attention with the video background and parallax effect which adds depth to the viewer’s experience.  Diagonals cut the
monotony of the usual grids and flexsliders display a number of changing products
in a catalog form.  The user can click on any one and get information on the product, pricing, slideshows with image zoom, description, shopping cart, with the option to add comments and reviews. Blog posts lead into the blog. Banners in different sizes enable the store to advertise special offers or brands to promote their products. Contacts are clearly given at the bottom of the page with a contact form.

Template 52127 fashion virtuemart template with video background parallax effect flexsliders and blog | entheosweb

Template 52131 – Pets Store Responsive Shopify Theme   with Circle and Product Animations and Hover Effects

The homepage is attractively designed with a textured neutral grey header with text and icons in color on hover, images of pets on a white background with animated transparent circles in color to draw attention to special offers, followed by banner animations that highlight pet supplies, and featured products with circle animations showing pricing and leading to product pages with product descriptions and slideshows.  The blog with comment forms and social sharing icons presents useful information and engages with customers.

Template 52131 pets store responsive shopify theme with circle and product animations and hover effects | entheosweb

 Template 49240 – Party Hire Responsive Website Template with Gallery

This site for a party and event management company creates a distinctive aura with a maroon header and fonts on beige and grey with touches of purple, blue and green sidelights in text boxes. Maroon spells class, along with the homepage slider with impressive photographs. Inset photos on blurred background images add a personal touch. Drop-down menus make it easy to add and organize multiple pages. The Gallery can be viewed as a slideshow. The Contact form creates an impression in maroon and purple on beige and invites customer response.

Template 49240 party hire responsive website template with gallery | entheosweb

Template 51253 – Business Responsive WordPress Theme with Background Video, Parallax, Lazy Load, Graphic Animation, Slider, Gallery and Blog

Meet the company – global, thoroughly professional, dependable, easy to do business with.  That’s what comes through at first glance in this website template, thoughtfully designed to give your business presence the fillip it needs on the web even before meeting a client face to face.  The background video of the globe with a blue aura provides a positive look to the introductory message of the company.  A woman looking out at an international skyline provides the backdrop for a quick “About us” section, neatly numbered and leading to more information.  Sliders and graphics further break up content to appeal to different target segments.  Parallax banners with icons in white on blue provide an impression of depth, while lazy load, zoom effects and graphic animations further enhance the user’s experience. Testimonials from clients create credibility on the site.  The homepage gallery has content in image, slideshow, gallery, video and audio formats, can be viewed by category and leads into the portfolio section. Snippets from the blog interest the user and entice him or her into the blog, while black  bands turn blue on hover.

Template 51253 business responsive wordpress theme with background video parallax lazy load and graphic animation | entheosweb

Template 52133 – Martial Arts Responsive Website Template with Slider, Gallery and Animations

This site is designed in the black and white of a traditional martial arts uniform, along with grey. Bold fonts in heavy and light weights lend balance.  Transparent flying triangles in grey, black and white give the viewer the impression of controlled power and action eliciting response.  Diagonals are used in the design but the text is arranged in neat straight rows in the manner the user is used to reading. Images in banners, in the gallery and triangles, show martial arts in action.  Social sharing icons stand out in white on black triangles. The gallery can be viewed by category and shows beginners’ to advanced classes.  Instructors are introduced and inspiring quotes encourage learners to aim higher.   The contact page uses the contrast of black and white to dramatic effect.

Template 52133 martial arts responsive website template with slider gallery and animations | entheosweb

Template 51720 – Photo Gallery Template  with Integrated Moto CMS HTML

This photo gallery template is ideal for a photographer’s portfolio, designed with triangles, scallops, dots, stars and transparent overlays, pages sliding into the screen, and a photo gallery where images enlarge on click.  Fonts in pink and grey have an elegant appeal.  This template has the integrated content management system   Moto CMS HTML which makes it easy to update and manage content.

Template 51720 photo gallery template with integrated moto cms html | entheosweb

 Template 47837 – Food Online Responsive PrestaShop Theme with Slider,
Carousel, Product Slideshows with Zoom

Food is displayed to advantage against a white background with a mustard header. The homepage slider with blinds-style animation has appetizing images of food.  Banners by the side of the slider highlight the Deal of the Day and special discounts. Featured products lead into product pages with descriptions, slideshows with zoom, stock availability, sales, reviews and shopping cart.  Below, a carousel shows other products in the same category.   Shoppers in a hurry can use the sitemap to quickly navigate the site. Buying is easy with login on top along with five language options and two currency options. The footer has useful links to aid navigation. 

Template 47837 food online responsive prestashop theme with slider carousel product slideshows with zoom | entheosweb