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Red is the color of passion, energy and excitement.  Red roses are the language of love. In China and many other cultures, red is associated with happiness. Red is found in many national flags as it indicates courage. Las Vegas is the city of red neon – it excites people to take risks!  We speak of “seeing red” when we are angry.   Red has high visibility – you’ll find many shop signs and logos in red.  A red light makes you stop on the road, and a fire engine is painted red – both signal danger.

Red is found in many corporate logos.  A stimulating color, it suggests vigor, power and strength, determination and boldness.  Combined with the neutral, calming qualities of grey, or the clean, pure simplicity of white, red is used effectively in many websites.  Red and black make a striking and bold contrast – black conveys sophistication and power.  Warmer reds like brick or maroon have a strong and comforting feel about them, while brighter reds suggest energy and appeal to younger people.  Red is also used as an effective accent color in website design, especially in ‘Buy Now’ buttons that stimulate action.

Featured below are a variety of professionally designed, user-friendly and eye-catching red website templates.  Choose from a range of  CSS, Flash, PRO, JavaScript Animated and HTML5 website templates for your purpose – whether  business, charity, interiors, agriculture, weddings,  food, gardens, barbershops, studios or transportation.

FoodGo – Restaurant WordPress Theme

FoodGo – Restaurant WordPress Theme - Red Theme

Creative Red and Black Geometric Website Design – Motorcycle OpenCart Template

Take a look at this creative Motocross OpenCart Template with design focused on inclined lines and large photography. Lively red color palette of the template symbolizes energy and speed, and is ideal for companies selling auto parts, motorcycles and sports equipment. Its titles are designed with the combination of regular and bold uppercase fonts in order to improve readability and attract attention. There are plenty of features that will come handy if you are planning to expand your business Facebook integration for social media marketing, predesigned progress bars to demonstrate your skills in a visual manner, newsletter subscription forms, and many more.

Creative Red and Black Geometric Website Design - Motorcycle OpenCart Template

Radio-FM – Website Template – Red and Black Theme

Radio-FM - Website Template - Red and Black Theme

Freebone – WordPress Music Band WordPress Theme