Blurred backgrounds have become popular on the web, riding on the trend to large images. Blurred backgrounds are characterized by soft colors and faded, unclear photo backgrounds. Page loading times tend to be faster as the image resolution in a blurred image does not have to be as high as an in-focus image. Text (or a sharp-focus foreground image) on top of a blurred image is more readable than text overlaid on a sharp or detailed image. The blurred background image does not distract attention from the main content.

Runner Responsive Website Template

Template 48625 - Running Club Responsive Website Template

When can you use a blurred background? When you want to create excitement; when you want to leave something to the imagination; when you’re hinting at the future without disclosing too many details…  such as a project , through a “Work in progress” page; a performance; a product, app or website to be launched, through a “Coming soon” landing page;  when you want to focus on the promise of what a political candidate can do for the country –  in a campaign website, for instance.  Think of the content of your web page or website when you decide to use a blurred background in your design.  When you’re hinting at “more“, when you’re communicating “”many“- a range of products, or different kinds of people – say “all categories of riders“, or a number of restaurant reviews – then you may decide to keep the details of your image indistinct and thereby simplify the design. For example, you may choose not to show a particular group of people, or a particular restaurant in sharp focus as this would exclude others, and also make your background “too busy”.  A blurred image works well to provide a context for your content, while leaving the details unclear.  At the same time it helps text and foreground images to stand out more clearly.

Xroad Cycling Responsive Website Template Template 48700 - Xroad Cycling Responsive Website Template

Why use blurred backgrounds?

  • Page loading times tend to be faster as the image resolution in a blurred image does not have to be as high as an in-focus image
  • Text  (or a sharp-focus foreground image) on top of a blurred image is more readable than text overlaid on a sharp or detailed image, as the background image (if  in sharp focus) would then divert attention from the main content.
  • Create excitement – convey something new or coming soon: for instance, brand launches, special offers
  • Create a feeling of movement in a static picture, especially effective for sports, games and dance websites
  • Suggest energy
  • Stay within the realm of the imagination –  for example, in websites for artistic or creative people, or a theme park,  or a movie, or projects in progress for an engineering, technology or interior design firm
  • Create a distinctive look
  • Create a cool effect

IQCar Car Moto CMS HTML Template

Template 47725 - Iqcar Car Moto CMS HTML Template

Ways to handle blurred backgrounds and images

Featured here are some great-looking website templates with blurred backgrounds. Check them out!

Running Club Moto CMS HTML Template 

Template 48061 - Running Club Moto CMS HTML Template

The Aim Responsive Website Template 

Template 48741 the aim responsive website template | entheosweb

Review Restaurant Responsive Website Template 

Template 48557 review restaurant responsive website template | entheosweb

 Richard Nelson Moto CMS HTML Template

 Template 48382 richard nelson moto cms html template | entheosweb

OneGenius – One Page Flat Portfolio PSD Template

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 Raaga – Responsive Parallax Template for Bands

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Elevate:  Background Oriented Portfolio WP Theme

Httpsthemeforest Netitemelevate background oriented portfolio wp theme2907629 Ref=entheosweb | entheosweb

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Corsica Responsive App Landing PageCorsica responsive app landing page | entheosweb


Cycling Adventure Club Responsive Website Template
Template 48561 - Cycling Club Responsive Website Template

A blurred background brings a clear image in the foreground into sharp focus while keeping the nuances soft and appealing.  The portrait of a person – a software engineer, architect, designer, sportsman, musician or other professional becomes more likeable and friendly against a blurred background, which can put the person into the context of his work milieu without letting it distract the reader.  A product like a camera, teapot or a cellphone acquires a sophisticated and elegant look against a blurred background.  Blurred header slides work well to invite a visitor into a  website, as they provide a softer approach and broader appeal.  The rest of the site design uses other elements of good website design to present selling content and information and convince the user to try the product or service.