Your contact page is your way of communicating with your potential client. It needn’t be dull and boring. Put some care and thought into designing your contact page to make it work harder for you and bring customers to your business.  Contact, Connect, Communicate!

Here are some ways to spice up your contact page:

1. Make it responsive.
This is a given. Your site should be responsive and so should your contact page be. Users are accessing your site on multiple devices.
Make sure your contact page and form functions well on both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, restaurants, e-stores, taxi and travel services and
other businesses get orders, inquiries and reservations mostly through mobile.

2. Make it visual.
Communication today is more visual than ever.  Grab attention with a visual that speaks to the viewer without words, such as an image of your team at work.  A Google map adds your location.

3. Make your words count.
You can personalize your contact page with a friendly “Drop us a line, we’ll write to you within 24 hours”,  and add the times when you are open.

4. Design it well.
Use headline fonts. Use the site colors and textures, and neatly lay out address and contact information with icons to catch the reader’s eye.

5. Use images of your products with some content that links back to your blog to keep your visitor browsing.  Your contact form is part of the user experience.

6. Keep it simple, minimal, clutter-free – yet you can communicate detail: like including the logos of your clients,  using beautiful fonts, adding social media icons besides the usual address, email and telephone contacts. Use the opportunity to network!   Connect and engage!

7. Use good quality photography, be informal.  

8. Think original. The image of a message in a bottle, a message scrawled in sand, or written in the sky can stand out from the crowd.

9. You can make your contact page do more than just let people contact you. You can also get them involved in your work by asking them
(for example) to  recommend suitable speakers for conferences, or volunteers for an charity organization.

10.  Make sure your contact form collects information you want from your potential client such as contact details, what they are contacting you about, and what you can help them with (depending on what service you are offering).

11.  See your contact pages in the context of your website.  Sidebar navigation, menu drop-downs, and footer navigation can lead your user back into the site, keep him reading and make more sales.

Here are some examples of contact pages. Remember, keep them simple, clear and attractive and make sure they communicate and connect with your audience while collecting the information that you want from them.

Template 52927 – Food Online Responsive PrestaShop Theme
A contact page designed like an airmail letter implies speedy, personalized responsive customer service in this Food Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme. The customer can attach a file and send a message referring to his or her order, or use the Live Help option to connect with you.
Contact page template 52927 food online responsive prestashop theme | entheosweb


Template 53700 – Aviation Responsive Website Template with Slider, Text Animation and Lazy Load
The contact page for this Aviation Responsive Website Template includes the logo and header image, with the menu and search bar on top, for ease of navigation. The contact page and map is designed in grey and blue in keeping with the site colors, with a red Send button that stimulates response. Above the footer, telephone, email, social media and address details are neatly laid out on white.  Notice the red icons that use the logo color and stand out  clearly on white.  The footer takes you back to Home.

Contactpage template 53700 aviation responsive website template | entheosweb


Contact Form Template 53856 – Triathlon Club Responsive Website Template
This contact page for a Triathlon Club Responsive Website Template has a great deal of dynamism and motivates the user to sign up. viewed in the context of the site design,  the header shows people running, the contact form is superimposed on the image of a swimmer who seems to move as the user scrolls down the page and the footer has the image of a triathelete against the sky, superimposed with social media icons and the club address.   The logo shows all the three sports of the triathlon – running, swimming and biking.
Copy of template 53856 triathlon club responsive website template | entheosweb

Contact page template 53856 triathlon club responsive website template | entheosweb

Contact form for Template 51986 – Night Club Responsive WordPress Theme
The shadowy form of a performing dancer, hints of arclights and hazy images of bodies swaying to the beat, calls up the rhythm of an entertainment or dance club. Overlays on images makes this contact form become part of this one-page site design, and the dancer appears to move as the user scrolls down.  Text stands out in white on grey and the three bar navigation hjelps the user navigate to different parts of the website.  Social media icons stand out in white on black circles. The neon colors of the Send and Clear buttons initiate user action.

Template 51986 nightclub responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb

Contact form for Template 54045 – Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme
The contact page is designed in blue and grey for this real estate company and in all pages, a map,  a contact form, building models, social media icons are featured.   The reason is that a website is like a building with many doors through which people enter, and contact information can be found on every page.

Contact pagetemplate 54045 real estate responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb

Contact Form for Template 53851 – Bike Store Responsive  Newsletter Template
Simplicity counts in this Bike Store Responsive Newsletter Template which has contact details as part of the one-page template.  The design in yellow and black does not distract but offsets the blue and yellow of the Bike Store site and sets out important contact information clearly, particularly the telephone number and social media icons.

Contact form for template 53851 bike store responsive newsletter template | entheosweb

Template 53535 – Surfing Club Responsive Website Template with Slider, Parallax

Look at this contact page for a surfing club in the context of the website, where the slider shows a surfer riding the waves.  The footer below the contact form shows the surfer making a landing.  Social media icons make it easy for customers to connect with the company.

Template 53535 surfing club responsive website template | entheosweb

Contact form for Template 53770 – Tools Store Responsive Shopify Theme

There’s more to a contact page than contacts.  You can cross-sell other products even on your contact page which can act as your marketing tool. This contact page for a Tools Store Responsive Shopify Theme features a map and contact form while website navigation tools help cross-sell other products.  The navigation menu on the right sidebar features collections and product types while promoting best sellers, along with price, images, a brief description and the shopping cart button. A newsletter sign-up and social media icons are highlighted on the footer. The footer with useful navigation links, and the menu with mega drop-downs showing product images, product categories and the blog provide the user with more product information and entice him into more sales.

Template 53770 tools store responsive shopify theme2 | entheosweb
Template 53752 – Restaurant Responsive Drupal Template

This Restaurant Responsive Drupal Template keeps the user engaged right from the slider displaying tasty food to through the middle of a website when the user can watching a chef at work through a window. Great food on display gets the user interested in the menus and the best times to visit the restaurant.  The blog allows the user to meet chefs up close and display their favorite dishes, share a tip or two, and keeps  users browsing once they are done with their contact details on the contact form featured on every single page, not to miss a single opportunity to get a user to connect!  The contact page features a map, contact form and a few more company details.
All pages contact template 53752 restaurant responsive drupal template | entheosweb

Keep your contact pages simple, responsive, visual and communicative
and design them in the context of your website.  While collecting information from your audience, you can also provide information about your company, cross-sell your products and keep them browsing your website.