What are your web visitors looking for?  Why not just give it to them up front, big, bold, bright and beautiful?  Banners teamed with the right colors and content do the job just right.  Large headlines spell out your message, colorful buttons in just the right places, ask to be clicked and act as calls to action,  and banners simplify the task of looking through your website with quick scrolling.

Banner it up | entheosweb

In this article we will explore banners as a website design tool to serve up  products and messages effectively, with colors to attract and guide your visitors through your website.  Some useful tips here:

  • Keep your messages and design simple and clear
  • Promote your products or services
  • Use banners for advertising, design and branding
  • Use colors to arrest the viewer’s eye and guide it along to highlights, clickable elements and calls to action on the page

Check out these attractive website templates that use banners and colors attractively to entice visitors to your website.

Template 58671 – Blogging Gpl WordPress Theme with Bundle of 5 Templates

Template 58671 - Blogging Gpl WordPress Theme

This Theme  under the GPL v3.0 license is a bundle of  5 WordPress templates created for blogs, online portfolios and news portfolios, that can be installed an unlimited number of times. T his template is designed in hot fluorescent colors with banners and tiles of different sizes that break up content into content blocks for easy reading and cataloguing of content. A navigation sidebar leads the reader through the site. Thumbnail images at the bottom lead into a gallery. The template contains a Theme Switcher which instantly transforms your blog design into a different look for cycling, cooking, clothes, fitness or other blog content. Customize your blog with the WordPress Live Customizer, that enables you to change layout elements through drag-and-drop functionality.  Note: the images shown are not included with the template and are for representative purposes only.  You will need to put in your own images.

Template 58680 – Qualicare Spa Responsive Website Template with Parallax,
Carousel and Gallery

Banners in natural colors red and green contrast with warm brown and black, with
white to lend balance, in this theme created for tube and spa accessories. Notice
the understated panels and buttons with thin white borders, the icons and headlines
and text in white in this minimalistic design. Testimonials are presented in a carousel
in a black banner with bubble effect. The gallery presents spa accessories attractively.

Template 58680 - Qualicare Spa Responsive Website Template

Template 58701 – Bakery Shop Responsive Website Template with Slider and Page-Wide Banners

This responsive bakery template  immediately catches the eye with its beautiful page-wide images,  header slider and large colorful banners. Headlines in large white font emphasize the merits of the bakery, or work in conjunction with buttons that contrast with the background and change color on rollover and attract eye movement to calls to action. The template is integrated with social media to draw more customers to the site.  A map shows its location.

Template 58701 - Bakery Shop Responsive Website Template

Template 58643 – Wedding Dj Responsive Website Template with Slider and Carousel

Template 58643 is a Entertainment Bootstrap website template. It is a gallery template which also has TouchTouch, a touch-optimized gallery plugin.  Experienced DJs are critical to the success of a wedding or entertainment event, striking a chord with the audience with customized music mixes, keeping the mood happy and building the tempo so that people leave with good memories.  The template includes pictures of the team,
a Gallery of weddings handled by the DJ, romantically presented like a photo album, and a page on events that spells out what a customer can expect when hiring a DJ.

Template 58643 - Wedding Dj Responsive Website Template

Template 58636 – Mike Deno Responsive Website Template with Carousel, Gallery, Slider

Whether you’re a writer, author, blogger, journalist, or cookery expert, this template is an attention-getter for your blog with its bright orange color that speaks of creativity, energy and zest. The design of the template with its slider with icons, content blocks that lead the eye, intuitive navigation, testimonials, a contact number provided up front as a call to action, and social media integration makes it a user-friendly and complete template.  The template contains a Booking Form, Contact Form and Newsletter Subscription. Use this template to create personal pages of all types.

Template 58636 - Mike Deno Responsive Website Template

Template 58417 – Utah University Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template with Lazy Load Effect, Carousel, Slider, Flexible Layout

This responsive template is suitable for a college or university or education blog. Designed in black and white with banners and headline text in vivid yellow, pink and purple,  the template contains lazy loading elements which display on scrolling and keep the template lightweight. Programs are spelt out with read more pages that provide course descriptions.   The blog with large and small images has information useful to students. The contact page with contact form and map enables the student to make contact with the college.

Template 58417 - Utah University Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

Template 58639 – Fashion Fashion Responsive WordPress Theme with Bootstrap,
Blog and Gallery

This website template designed in satiny black with dropdown menu in red, headlines and buttons that turn red on hover, highlights the high-quality model photography.  The edge-to-edge slider catches the viewer’s attention with unobtrusive transparent Read More buttons that turn red on hover. Models are categorized with hover effects on the home page and lead into Gallery pages with descriptions.  An introduction to the model agency is followed by spotlights on popular models, showcased in a carousel. News is featured in the Blog.

Template 58639 - Fashion Fashion Responsive WordPress Theme

Template 58132 – Rubber Surfacing Responsive Website Template with Parallax
and Gallery

This responsive website template markets Rubber Surfacing, a product that
comes in bright colors. This is clearly stated in the design of the template, from
the color blocks balanced by white headlines and white panels with headlines
in blue, selling the usage and benefits of the product. The contact details are
given in a large blue banner along with social media icons. The Gallery shows
the installed rubber surfacing in various different usage areas. This template is
suitable for companies that are into commercial and residential interior and
exterior design, flooring and installation, home and furniture design. Template 58132 - Rubber Surfacing Responsive Website Template

Template 58026 – Ballroom Dancing Responsive Landing Page Template 

Swirls and splashes of color and zigzag lines provide relief from the outer
rectangular shape of a template.  The objective of a landing page template is to
optimize enrolments, and so the social media  and signup forms are presented up
front.  The benefits provided by the dance academy, the trainers and their credentials
are highlighted in blue bands. A single testimonial from first-time dancers carries
more weight from a dozen such testimonials, and is presented elegantly in a frame.

Template 58026 - Ballroom Dancing Responsive Landing Page Template

Template 58684 – Night Wing Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template with Lazy Load, Carousel and Slider

The header slider  sets the feel of foot-tapping music,night rhythms and bright lights in
this entertainment, games or night club responsive  website template with 3-language support.  Headlines and buttons, drop-down menu are in a bright red. The template has lazy load effect, carousel, slider, grid, and video integration.  Smaller banners promote
the events that the club holds during the  week, with buttons that when clicked provide details of tickets and shows.  The blog contains a News, Gallery and Blog posts section.

Template 58684 - Night Wing Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template