Moto CMS HTML templates present the new generation of advanced HTML
websites powered by MotoCMS – so you can have a high-end website and
manage it without getting into code. You will get a professional, beautiful
and easily editable HTML website which will bring an amazing interactive,
rich-media experience for the users. Edit elements with drag-and-drop ease
with the Moto CMS Visual Layout Editor. Get 8 slider and gallery themes
right out of the box, which you can easily customize with your own text,
images and videos. No special skills or additional software required!
The template has 17 readymade modules and widgets like a contact form,
Google map, video embed and more – all easily accessible from the
admin panel. The mobile layout is included – simply add your content and
activate using the tools available.

Template 49439 – Amusement Park Moto CMS HTML Template

A giant wheel silhouetted against sunset sky makes a captivating
picture for an amusement park.  The orange and black logo fits into a
neat curve on top and captures attention.   Icons in orange are designed
in the shape of various attractions. Colorful images draw attention in
the gallery which can also be accessed in a smaller size from the
homepage.  The blog and inner pages showcase attractions, guided
tours and information. Mobile layout included.

Template 49439 amusement park moto cms html template | entheosweb

Template 47575 – Stained Glass Moto CMS HTML Template 

Exquisite glass products are showcased in riveting fashion right from
the homepage slider to the product gallery to the services page.
The product is the hero, and the webpage is designed in neutral beige
with white and black to enhance the presentation of the product.  Script
typography for the logo and a background image of beautiful stained
glass completes the picture.

Template 47575 stained glass moto cms html template | entheosweb

Template 49438 – Green Building Moto CMS HTML Template

The color green with white and black establishes this construction
company as one that follows green building practices – green icons
on a green band for the company’s services, green text for titles,
green logo on black, green buttons, green text boxes, arrows and
text boxes. Pictures in the thumbnail gallery expand on click.
Mobile layout included.

Template 49438 green building moto cms html template | entheosweb

Template 49435 – Tapas Restaurant Moto CMS HTML Template

Red and black on white with large images and large bold logo fonts bring
zest and appetite appeal into this website template for a Tapas
Restaurant.  Other design elements include: capitalized text for the menu
and titles,  colorful illustrations, attractive menu and blog page design
and subtitles in  grey.Mobile layout included.

Template 49435 tapas restaurant website template | entheosweb


Template 49184 – Grocery Store Moto CMS HTML Template 

This template is designed attractively for an online grocery store. The
header is designed like a colorful awning in shades of green, orange
and yellow,  on which the logo and menu stand out in bold white capitals.
The colors are repeated in the bold headline text below, and in the buttons
and banners.   The Recipe section has a gallery with images that enlarge
on click and captions below. A Hot Line banner in orange is repeated
on every page to present a call to action.

Template 49184 grocery store moto cms html | entheosweb

Template 49427 – Hotel Moto CMS HTML Template

Purple and pink on white with a glow effect on the menu is the color theme
for this template, conveying peace of mind, nurturing, caring and comfort.
A pink border frames the  images in the slider showing  the hotel rooms
attractively.  Pink text boxes with borders present informative  content in
white text.   Mobile layout included.

Template 49427 hotel moto cms html template | entheosweb


 Template 49433 – Law  Moto CMS HTML Template

This template is designed in green and grey to give a professional and
pleasant look. The slider with image borders shows closeups of
experienced lawyers, to present a professional yet personal approach.
Inner pages have banners with fonts in capitals that focus attention
on the strengths of the company.  Mobile layout included.

Template 49433 law moto cms html template | entheosweb


Template 47028 – Design Studio Moto CMS HTML Template 

Colors and shapes catch the eye in the scrolling gallery of this orange
and brown website template for a design studio. The Portfolio is
presented in a Gallery with captions. The menu with its double banner
with 3-D look is kept simple, while the social sharing icons on the
Contact page have  a creative look.  Mobile layout included.

Template 47028 design studio moto cms html template | entheosweb


Template 48366 – Professional Photographer Responsive Moto CMS HTML Template

The homepage is designed with part-images in horizontal strips
that open up on click to reveal full-screen images in a slideshow.
Script typography, fonts in color for photo categories and a textured
grey background lend personality to this photo gallery website template.
Mobile layout included.

Template 48366 professional photographer responsive moto cms html template | entheosweb

Template 48198 – Wildlife Moto CMS HTML Template

This wildlife template uses large fonts and earth colors – mustard, orange,
shades of brown and white.  The slider shows the big cats up close with
mustard and orange text panels below calling attention to the sanctuary’s
needs and asking for donations. A leopard-spotted background with an
image makes an attention-getting banner with large orange, mustard and
white fonts giving the message.  Animal closeups presented in hexagon
shapes stand out on white.  Inner pages have a banner that focuses
attention on the animal’s eyes. Mobile layout included.

Template 48198 wildlife moto cms html template | entheosweb

 Template 49186 – Steel Fabrication Industry Moto CMS HTML Template 

Yellow and black draw attention and their impact is softened by grey
and white in this industrial website template.  Yellow suggests creativity,
enthusiasm, confidence and wisdom. Black indicates sophistication,
authority, independence and power.    The company’s projects and
services are presented attractively with pictures and text on white
space  that enhances the readability of content.  Mobile layout included.

Template 49186 steel fabrication industry moto cms html template | entheosweb


 Template 49040 – Aquarium Moto CMS HTML Template Aquarius

Shades of blue with beige provide a cool background for underwater
fish,  with the text in white on blue and body text in blue on blue.  Light
blue for  menu drop-downs and rollovers continues the blue theme.
Mobile layout included.

Template 49040 aquarium moto cms html template | entheosweb

Template 49170 – Gourmet Restaurant Moto CMS HTML Template

This template uses textures in pink, blue and brown to frame
attractive closeups of food in the slider, and text and images
in the homepage. Mobile layout included.

Template 49170 gourmet restaurant moto cms html template | entheosweb


Template 48202 – Creative Design Studio Moto CMS HTML Template

The homepage is a scrolling gallery with portfolio images that enlarge
on click. Red boxes within thin diagonal lines make a menu with a
difference.   Gallery and blog layouts enable the design studio to present
their work and engage with the audience.

Template 48202 creative design studio moto cms html template | entheosweb

Template 48379 – Flooring Company Moto CMS HTML Template

Orange makes a style statement on black for the menu, co-ordinating
with the color of the transparent overlays for captions on the photographs
showing the flooring categories in this website template. Circular
photographs display flooring samples below. Slider and gallery options,
mobile layout included.

Template 48379 flooring company moto cms html template | entheosweb


Template 49032 – Furniture  Moto CMS HTML Template

This  furniture template showcases comfortable furniture in the slider, using
large fonts in the logo and a single large graphic on white space to break
content. Content provides reasons to buy. Circles play a prominent role in
the design – circles in numbering, where  semi-circles reveal on hover;
images in circles leading into the blog.

Template 49032 furniture moto cms html | entheosweb

Template 49038 – Christian & Church Blue Moto CMS HTML Template

Shades of blue with white, large slider text in white on a background image
of sky; images with white borders; fonts in white and blue give this template
a universal appeal. The color blue means peace, trust, loyalty, reliability
and a spiritual perspective. Mobile layout included.

Template 49038 christian church blue moto cms html template | entheosweb
Template 48389 – Hotel Moto CMS HTML Template

This hospitality template exudes warmth and comfort with shades of
brown in the header, menu drop-downs and page titles, with a background
of pale beige. The homepage images can be viewed as a slideshow.
The design features images in circles on a brown wooden textured
background;  dates, highlights and social media icons in colorful circles for
a less formal look; buttons with rounded edges. Rooms are presented in a
gallery where images enlarge on click. Mobile layout included.

Template 48389 hotel moto cms html template | entheosweb
Template 49039 – Baby Moto CMS HTML Template

Warm shades of orange bring energy, spontaneity and happiness
into this website template for a baby. The homepage slideshow; blurbs
for menu and arrows; illustrations of butterflies, hearts, flowers and smiley
faces; childlike script fonts for the menu and headlines; uneven borders
in orange and grey; photos and dates with dotted-line borders, a calendar
– all these design elements combine to  make this a baby template any
parent would love.  Mobile layout included.

Template 49039 baby moto cms html template | entheosweb

Template 48848 – Green & Grey Business Moto CMS HTML Template

Green, grey and white with attention-grabbing visuals, image slider,
icons in white on green leading the eye to text make this a business
website for a friendly, approachable and reliable company. Mobile layout

Template 48848 green grey business moto cms html template | entheosweb