Create a website smart and easy with website templates designed with sliders, banners, parallax, product catalogs or galleries and blogs. These versatile  templates can be customized to your line of business or interest and you can choose the theme colors and typography you prefer.  We present the best responsive ecommerce website templates Prestashop, VirtueMart,  WooCommerce, OpenCart and Shopify for a range of products from speed karting to baby clothes, ski-ing and snowboarding equipment, leather bags, fresh vegetables, shoes, sewing materials and a marine store. Our responsive CMS templates include Moto CMS 3, Moto CMS HTML, WordPress and Joomla to promote business, finance, sport fishing, art works, restaurants, car dealers, professional image consultants, exterior and landscape designers, studio music composers, videographers, photographers and more.

Best web templates november 2016 | entheosweb

Template 61389 – Financial Advisor Responsive Website Template with Slider, Carousel, Blog

Template 61389 financial advisor responsive website template with slider carousel blog | entheosweb

Getting targeted results is the aim of any business.  This Financial Advisor Responsive Website Template shows it means business in the header slider, with images of people who understand your business needs and get the results they aim for. Icons in blue call attention to the major focus areas of business finance in which the company is involved. The homepage introduces the company and presents facts and animated statistics about the company’s achievements, ending with contact information and newsletter subscription.  Testimonials from customers are displayed in a carousel and generate trust in new clients.  Company logos of clients that this company has served are presented on the homepage.   The About page introduces the company, its mission and provides statistics on its achievements.  It also  includes a video on  how the company works.  The Blog has useful financial management tips for companies and individuals. The Team page introduces the team and its strengths.

Template 61355 – Toy Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme with Slider

Template 61355 toy jung responsive prestashop theme with slider | entheosweb
Template 61355 is a Toy Store or Entertainment Prestashop ecommerce website template.   The colorful slider promotes toys for children of different age groups. Three categories of toys are showcased on top followed by popular toys below, with slideshows, age ranges, prices, quantities, discounts if any, stock availability and  shopping cart.   The customer can shop by price or age range, by color, gender or brand, by interest or by category, using the left navigation bar under the Filter option when you click Kids on the menu.  Disney characters drop down on the megamenu under Characters. For those unsure of what to give, there is a Gift Finder option on the menu.

Template 61296 – Ice Cream Moto CMS HTML Template

Ice cream moto cms html template | entheosweb

Template 61296 is a Food & Drink Moto Cms Html website template. This template selling icecream has a grid layout using stripes in mint green and black in the design, a carousel to display the icecreams, and read more links. The About page has icons  with text selling the advantages of the company, and introduces the company and the team, with testimonials from customers. A Products and Services page gives more news and details. Footer links lead to pages on franchising and international operations, catering, holidays and events.

Template 61294 – Massage Moto CMS HTML Template with Slider, Blog Gallery

Template 61294 pleasure massage moto cms html template with slider blog gallery | entheosweb

Template 61294 is a Beauty Moto Cms Html website template suitable for a massage parlor.  The slider shows different types of massage in progress and  images in a grid display  hot stone massage, facial massage, deep tissue massage and therapeutic massage done at the parlor.  News is presented in a blog with informative articles.  The Gallery displays more massages and explains what they do for the body.

Template 61322 – Eventique Event Responsive WordPress Theme

Eventique events company wordpress theme | entheosweb

This is an Event Planner or Party Planner Entertainment Responsive WordPress Theme. The slider shows different events and a wedding  handled by the company.  Designed in pink and black with banners and grid,  the template has has icons in pink on a banner  that draw attention to the different kinds of events  that the company organizes. A call to action stands out on a white banner with a contact us button in pink. Images on a grid with captions lead into pages with more details. Snippets from the blog lead into the blog. Projects are showcased in categories with a call to action on a pink banner below. The About page gives a history of the company, counter animations with statistics of the company’s achievements,          introduces the team and  presents customer testimonials as well as featured projects to showcase the company at a glance. The Partners page enthuses people to partner with the company for sub-contractor relationships, promises to give more information and ends with a form. The Services page details the services the event management company provides and ends with a call to action.

Template 61319 – Landscape Curbing Responsive WordPress Theme  with Carousel, Slider,  Video Integration, Blog

Template 61319 landscape curbing responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb

This Landscape Curbing website Template is beautifully laid out in banners and grids, with carousels showcasing projects handled by the company.  Buttons, arrows, icons and menu are designed in eco-friendly green with earthy brown and black for contrast in text and backgrounds. The grid images on the bottom of the homepage lead into pages describing the specific landscaping project completed, with larger images, budget details and location as well as the name of the designer.  The Services page lists out the specific services rendered by the landscaping company and the Projects page gives details of projects the company has completed. The blog has attractive post formats including video and showcases works in progress as well as completed projects with informative tips and guidelines for those considering landscaping.   This template is also suitable for an organic garden.

Template 58702 – Travel Booking Responsive Website Template

Travel agency responsive website template | entheosweb

This is a well-designed website template for a travel company  with a clean layout that makes it easy to navigate and for the user to find the information s/he is looking for. It also invites the user to make decisions and provides calls to action with Buy Tour buttons providing all-inclusive fares for tours.  homepage slider neatly displays images and highlights the relevant information regarding tours to different places with all-inclusive prices  with airfare,  hotel transfers and sightseeing.  The sub-menu below the homepage slider guides the user into Cruises, Transportation, Hotels, Excursions and Insurance.  On the homepage, the user can search for destinations by region. Demo destinations are displayed with images and costs in tables and Daily Deals and Bestsellers are highlighted. A Search function allows the user to search for a particular destination. The The About us page introduces the company, the team, highlights popular tours and gives travel tips, with sub-pages on company history, awards and achievements. TheTours page highlights popular and guided  tours with images .The Services page with icons, images and testimonials draws attentions to the tour providers main services which are airline reservations, car rentals, visas and passports and travel insurance.

Template 61297 – Sushi Bar Moto CMS HTML Template

Template 61297 sushi bar moto cms html template | entheosweb

This  Cafe and Restaurant website template uses frames to highlight the dishes and people shown. The header displays a dish and invites the user make an online booking or view the menu, leading to the menu page with an overview of mouthwatering dishes including desserts.  The About page with sub-pages has information on the company’s history and capabilities, including outdoor catering, event management, and customer testimonials. The Services page includes Delivery, Online Reservation, Birthday Party catering, and a Takeout Menu.   Catering and Banqueting services are also provided for parties.

Template 61272 – Kiddo Baby Responsive VirtueMart Template with  Carousel,  Blog, Customization Tool

Template 61272 kiddo baby responsive virtuemart template | entheosweb

This Children’s Clothes website template has a colorful header with pop-up Newsletter subscription form.  Colorful Shop Now buttons provide calls to action while clothes for different age groups are displayed in large and small banners.  The user is provided another chance to sign up for the Newsletter on the homepage. Product pages have slideshows with zoom, colors, details, video,  prices and shopping cart.   The Catalog gives an overview of the products in stock which can be searched by category.

The Blog has useful tips and insghts for parents with small children. The About Us page introduces the company, with counters with statistics, and icons highlightiing store conveniences and testimonials in a carousel.

Template 59018 – Immotion School Responsive WordPress Theme

Template 59018 immotion school responsive wordpress theme | entheosweb

This beautifully designed template for a Dance School attracts the eye with dancers in motion through the headline, with a Join! button providing a call to action.  Different dancing styles are demonstrated below with hover effects leading into pages with more information on the dancing styles taught, the instructors, the pricing, and a banner promoting Vivid Dancing Classes with a call to action.   Images of instructors teaching dance students during their sessions are shared below.   The user is invited to sign up for discounts and tips on dancing. The About section introduces the company and the dance styles it is known for. Graphic counters provide statistics on awards won and students served.  Colorful banners and testimonials convince new customers to sign up.  Under the Classes section, a drop-down menu makes it easy for the user to find the dance style s/he is looking for , including a wedding package and private lessons. Instructors are promoted with a page to themselves as well as social media links.  A Schedule enables customers to pick a time slot that fits their routine.  The Blog gives information on different forms of dance in image, gallery, video, quote and link formats.  This Dance Education template enables you to customize the look by choosing from different header or footer settings or styles, typography, blog post formats or layouts.

Template 59232 – Nova Fashion Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template with  Lazy Load Effect, Carousel, Slider,  Gallery, Blog, Video Integration

Template 59232 nova fashion responsive moto cms 3 template with lazy load effect carousel slider gallery blog video integration | entheosweb

This elegantly designed Fashion Responsive Website Template for designer wear,  design house or  modeling school,  uses black-and-white with colo images, a large header banner  and  carousels that promote its professionals and its designer wear. The focus is on the talented designers, photographers and stylists who run the agency and their biographies are given prominence. The Gallery presents models showing different styles of fashion wear, in circles with zoom in a carousel on the background of a black-and-white closeup of a model.   Contacts are provided on a black-and-white banner of a model and a newsletter signup invites response. The pages on the site continue the black-and-white with color theme on the home page and provide more details about the company, its designers, a Gallery with zoom that can be viewed as a slideshow, and a Blog.

Template 59261 – Stefan Lawyers Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template with  Carousel,  Gallery, Lazy Load Effect, Video Integration

Template 59261 stefan lawyers responsive moto cms 3 template | entheosweb

This Lawyer Responsive Moto CM 3 Template has a large header banner with big and bold typography and a call-to-action button.  Blue inspires trust and images in shades of blue with the creative double-exposure technique, blue buttons, icons and banners, make this template a versatile one that can be used for other business websites too.   The homepage provides a snapshot of the company at a glance, with an introduction and icons, buttons leading into pages of the website, a News section leading into the Blog, a Client section showing a client gallery, with rollovers providing brief information on what the case was about.  The About page introduces the company, the team and provides testimonials.  The Services page gives information on the legal services provided by the law firm in specific fields such as Sports, Insurance and Education. Calls to action in banners lead the customer to contact the company. Smaller banners and text call attention to other areas of practice.  The Gallery  has images with zoom.

Template 58303 – Art Work Responsive Joomla Template with Slider, Blog and Gallery

Template 58303 art work responsive joomla template with slider blog and gallery | entheosweb

This Art Work Responsive Joomla Template in black and gold adds to the beauty of the works displayed. It  has a designer look with its full screen slider  with changing text in a frame highlighting works  of art for all kinds of tastes and needs – for exhibitions, collections and individuals. The hamburger icon opens up to reveal a dropdown menu with sitemap and header navigation. The About page with animated statistics gives information on the Artists and works exhibited in the gallery. The Portfolio page has art works arranged by category . The Gallery with works of different artists can be viewed as a slideshow.  Clicking on an icon on the right opens a login form where the user can create an account.