Typography is such a field in which you can do experiments to express your thoughts. So, designers from all over the globe are exploring new horizons in this field, giving us a different viewing perspective. As a designer, you can work on typography in a great way to communicate your ideas precisely. Today, we are showcasing some of the exceptional typographic work. We hope it would be a great source of inspiration for your future work.

20 Examples of Unique and Unconventional Typography

20 Examples of Unique and Unconventional Typography

1. Visual Lexicon v 2.1 Metamorphosis

Visual lexicon v 2 1 metamorphosis | entheosweb

2. Fac04_flyer_a

Fac04 flyer a | entheosweb

3. Type – One

Type one | entheosweb

4. Line-Art

Line art | entheosweb

5. A Found Art Typeface

A found art typeface | entheosweb

6. Retro Design

Retro design | entheosweb

7. Print Design

Print design | entheosweb

8. Scurit-Routire

Scurit routire | entheosweb

9. Space Paper Typography

Space paper typography | entheosweb

10. Type – One

Type one | entheosweb

11. Handmade font

Handmade font | entheosweb

12. The letter K

The letter k | entheosweb

13. An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

An incomplete manifesto for growth | entheosweb

14. Clubbers Guide to 2011

Clubbers guide to 2011 | entheosweb

15. Space-typography

Space typography | entheosweb

16. I Want Candy Experimental Typography 2009

I want candy experimental typography 2009 | entheosweb

17. Elektrotrash-A-Found-Art-Typeface

Elektrotrash a found art typeface | entheosweb

18. I Love Typography

I love typography | entheosweb

19. Lettering For You

Lettering for you | entheosweb

20. The Portfolio Covers Experiment

The portfolio covers experiment | entheosweb