In this tutorial you will learn some new, effective and simple techniques to use while creating text effects in Photoshop.

Fun exciting text effect in photoshop | entheosweb

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Photoshop CS5
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 Minutes

Tutorial Assets

The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial.

Now that we have everything we need, let’s get started!

Step 1:-

Create a new file with 700px width and 700px height.

step 1

Step 2:-

Create a new layer, for this click on Layer> New> Layer. Then select the “Gradient Tool”. Now click on Gradient editor, outer color stop should be # 000000 and in the middle it should be # 391b1e.

step 2

Step 3:-

Now we’ll create a base for our text. So create a new layer. Then select a grunge brush and use it in the middle with # fffff.

step 3

Step 4:-

Change the blending mode to “Overlay”.

step 4

Step 5:-

Select the pen tool and create a wave. Then right click on the path and select “Stroke Path”. Make sure you have “Hard round brush “selected with 2px size.

step 5

Step 6:-

Repeat the same process and create more swirl lines. You can select different colors for this, we’ve used purple and white.

step 6

Step 7:-

Reduce the opacity of the swirl lines to 45% and change the blending mode to “Overlay”.

step 7

Step 8:-

Once again select the Pen Tool and create more swirl lines but this time brush size should be 3px.

step 8

Step 9:-

Now we’ll add some outer glow to these lines, so click on Layer> Layer style> Outer glow.

step 9

Step 10:-

Use a different color glow for each one.

step 10

Step 11:-

Select “Hard Round brush” and click on Brush options and select “Scattering”.

step 11

Step 12:-Now create another path with Pen Tool and right click on it. Then select “Stroke path”. Then add an outer glow same as before. You can also add some small dots with 1px size brush.

step 12

Step 13:-

Select the Text Tool and write whatever you want. We’ve selected Angelica CP font for this.

step 13

Step 14:-

Now duplicate the text layers. Simply right click on it and select “Duplicate Layer”. Then reduce the opacity of the first one to 60%. And drag it to the left.

step 14

Step 15:-

Now we’ll add different effects to out text. So click on layer> Layer style> Drop shadow.

step 15

Step 16:-

Now select Layer> Layer style> Inner shadow and keep the setting same as shown in the image.

step 16

Step 17:-

Select Layer> Layer style> Bevel and Emboss.

step 17

Step 18:-

Now select “pattern overlay”. You can use any pattern you like. Use different pattern for each letter.

step 18

Step 19:-

Lastly, select “Stroke”. And add stroke with 2px size and 40% opacity.

step 19

Step 20:-

Repeat the same process with each letter and use different color of “Inner Shadow” for each.

step 20

Step 21:-

Lastly, add some flowers on the edges with the flower brushes mentioned above. And we are done.

step 21

So here it is, our fun text effect is done. We hope you guys enjoyed it and learnt something fun & exciting!

Download The PSD File

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