Learn how to apply gradients to text in Flash with this simple tutorial.

To apply a gradient to text in Flash you need to use the Break Apart Command.

First, type out some text in Flash using the text tool.

Choose the text and click on Modify > Break Apart. The text will will look like the image shown below.

The text is still not as an editable vector object, so choose the text again and click on Modify > Break Apart again. The text will will look like the image shown below.

Now, to this text you can apply a gradient fill. Choose the text and in the color mixer panel, choose Linear Fill and choose your gradient colors. By default the gradient will be applied to each letter separately, if you need to apply it to the entire word, select the paint bucket tool and drag it over the text so the gradient fills the entire word. See example given below.

Congratulations! You have successfully applied a gradient to the text!

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