In this tutorial you will learn how to add different photos inside alphabets in Canva using frame effect easily in minutes! You can quickly drag and drop photos into the frames 

Step 1 – Go to Canva and click on the Custom Size button found on the top right. There we need to mention the width and height of our design. Then click the “Create new design” button to create a new page.

| entheosweb

Step 2 – Open ‘Elements‘ tab from left menu and in the search bar, type “frame letter” or “frame alphabet” and press enter. You’ll see a variety of letter frames. Change the background color into “black“.

| entheosweb

Step 3 – Click on the letter frame you want to add to your design. Repeat this step for many letter frames if you want.

Step 4 – Here I am going to use the word “ENTHEOS”. Hence select all the letters from frame to form the word.

Step 5 – Once you’ve added all the letters, just select all the frame letters and resize their size, so that it will fit into our design space.

Step 6 – Right click on the frame letters. Then go to Space evenly > Tidy up or Alt+Shift+T which is used to automatically arrange all the elements equally spaced out in your design.

Step 7 – It’s a great tool to create a neat and organized look, especially when you’re working with multiple elements. It equally distribute the position of the word “ENTHEOS” across the design.

Step 8 – Go to the Elements tab and type “Forest”. Search for a photo that you want or select “Upload” if you want to use custom images.

Step 9 – Here we have chosen an image of a “forest”. So we drag the pictures into the letters.

Step 10 – Drag and drop the photo onto the selected frame. Once positioned over the frame element it will set inside the frame.

Step 11 – If you double click on the frame then you can access the photo inside that has filled in one letter, so you can move it around your workspace or adjust its size and it will remain locked together.

Step 12 – Similar to that repeat the same process across all the individual letters

It is better to use different images/photos for making it look prettier.

Step 13 – Congratulations! You are done! Share and download your image!

Step 14 – You can tweak the background with different colors or photos and let your creativity play around to suit your design. This way, you can make sure the texture fits perfectly with your design’s color scheme. Here I have changed the background into red textured background like below and got an awesome effect.

I hope you find this tutorial more helpful.

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