In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an amazing floral typographic effect in text using Canva. Let’s take a look at the steps below.

Step 1 – Go to Canva and click on the Custom Size button found on the top right. There we need to mention the width and height of our design.

Open a blank design page with width 1920px and height 1080px.

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Step 2 – Click ‘Text’ on the left-hand side and add a heading here using the text tool.

Type “Colorful” with font name “Norwester” and font size – 310

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Step 3 – Add any background color as you wish. Here we have selected the #fc5b34 color as the background.

Step 4 – Now let’s change the color of the text to white for better visibility.

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Step 5 – Select the text and click on “Effects” found on the top. Then apply the shadow effect to the text from the left-hand side options. Select the color black and make some adjust the offset, transparency, and direction.

Step 6 – Go to Elements and type “pink watercolor flower“, then click on Graphics. Select the flower you want to implement into your design.

Step 7 – Right-click on the flower, go to Layer, and select Send to back

Step 8 – Resize and align the flower so it fits in the middle of the page.

Step 9 – Duplicate the flower and reduce its transparency to 61%, so the duplicated flower is exactly above the original flower.

Step 10 – Now make the Transparency – 100. Adjust the position and crop the flower until only the top left portion of the flower is displayed.

Step 11 – Repeat the process of Step-9 and Step-10 until we get our desired floral typography effect.

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Step 12 – For a better look, we will add an orange flower. Go to the Elements, type “orange watercolor flower” and then click on Graphics. Select the flower which you want to implement into your design.

Step 13 – Go to Layer and select Send to back

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Step 14 – Click on the Orange flower and click the Duplicate icon.

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Step 15 – Adjust the duplicated flower accordingly as you want.

Step 16 – Repeat the process of Step 9 and Step 10.

Step 17 – We are done! Our final floral typography text effect is ready! You can also try and customize it by adding more color, graphics, text, or shadow like the final image below.

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