In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a Mystery Green Text effect in Photoshop.

Mystery Green Text in PhotoShop

Tutorial Details

Program: Photoshop CS5

Estimated Completion Time: 30 Minutes

Tutorial Assets

The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial.

Wing Brushes

Forest Image


Now that we have everything we need, so let’s start!

Step 1:- Create a new file with 900px Width and 500px Height.

step 1

Step 2:- Open the forest image mentioned above. And paste it on our main file.

step 2

Step 3:- Now create a new layer, for this click on layer> New> Layer. Then select the “Soft round brush” with 2px size. Now make small stars randomly with color #ffffff.

step 3

Step 4:- Create another layer, then select one of the ray brushes and use it with color # 877e01.

step 4

Step 5:- Now change the foreground color and add more rays with color # b6ab02 and # d8ce3a.

step 5

Step 6:- It’s time to add our text, you can type whatever you want. But make sure the text color is # 353200.

step 6

Step 7:- Reduce the opacity of the Text layer to 85%.

step 7

Step 8:- Right click on the text layer and select “Duplicate Layer”. Now change the text color to # ccc419 and move the text around a bit.

step 8

Step 9:- Now duplicate the text layer one more time. Then click on Layer> Layer style> Bevel and Emboss.

step 9

Step 10:- Now reduce the fill to 0% to have a nice glassy effect.

step 10

Step 11:- Select the brush tool with 8px size and foreground color # 58560d. Now select the Pen Tool and create a path around our “G”.

step 11

Step 12:- Now right click on the path and select “Stoke Path”.

step 12

Step 13:- Now reduce the brush size to 5px and change the foreground color to # c2b91f. Then once again right click on the path and select “Stroke Path”.

step 13

Step 14:- Select the Eraser Tool and remove some parts so it looks a vine.

step 14

Step 15:- Now repeat the same process with all of the remaining letters.

step 15

Step 16:- Now we’ll give our text a bit of glow, so click on “Ellipse Tool” and create a small round. Fill it with # ffffff.

step 16

Step 17:- Add some outer glow to the round, so click on Layer> Layer style> Outer Glow.

step 17

Step 18:- Now click on Filter> Blue> Gaussian Blue.

step 18

Step 19:- Simply duplicate the glow layer and add this on the edges of our letters.

step 19

Step 20:- Select one of the wings brush and use it randomly on our text with color # c5c123.

step 20

Step 21:- Now click on Layer> Layer style> Stroke. And add the stoke to our winds with color # 323100.

step 21

Step 22:- Now to finish it off add some butterflies with different colors.

 Now our Green Text effect is done. We hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial and learn something interesting. We’ll be back with some new tutorials till then keep designing!

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