You can make your text look creative by using the warp tool in Photoshop. This allows you to shape your text in different styles. Shaped text gives a designer look on icons, banners and headers.

Step 1

Open an image. Select the horizontal type tool  from the toolbar and type your text near or on the image – wherever you want it.

Step 2

Select the text and right click the mouse, from the pop up menu select Warp Text… The Warp Text window appears.

Step 3

Click on the Style drop down menu and you get a list of styles from which you can select.

Step 4

Select the orientation of the warp effect – Horizontal or Vertical. To adjust how much warp is applied to the layer, drag the slider for Bend until you achieve the desired effect. To change the perspective of the warp, drag the sliders for Horizontal Distortion and Vertical Distortion until the perspective is as you want it. When you are satisfied with the text, click OK.

Step 5

The result.

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