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Learn how to create professional designs from an image. Canva’s new Magic Design tool is pretty awesome! Easily create stunning graphics with just an image! Learn how with this Canva Magic Design Tutorial!

Step 1: Get your image. We have downloaded an image from, however, you can use any image you want.

Step 2: Sign into Canva.

Step 3: Click the ‘Upload’ button at the top right corner.

Canva magic design tutorial upload image | entheosweb

Step 4: Click ‘Choose File’ and upload your image.

Canva magic design tutorial choose file | entheosweb

Step 5: Click the ‘Add to a template‘ button.

Canva magic design tutorial add to a template | entheosweb

Step 6. You will see a variety of ready-made graphics designed around your image. Scroll to see all the graphics created by Magic Design. The type of graphic and size is mentioned below each. In our case, we will choose the Instagram Post. The Style and Headline can be changed.

Canva magic design tutorial scroll through the awesome designs based on your image | entheosweb

Step 7: Select the style (colors/ fonts) you want. In our case, we will select the brown style. Click the see results button.

Canva magic design tutorial pick a style | entheosweb

Step 8. Enter your headline. In our case we will type ‘Handbags Store’. Click the ‘Add to results’ button.

Canva magic design tutorial change the headline | entheosweb

Step 9: Magic Design will customize the graphics with your style and headline. Select the one you want. You can further customize it later.

Canva magic design tutorial select your customized graphic | entheosweb

Step 10: Click the ‘Customise this template‘ button.

Canva magic design tutorial customize this template | entheosweb

Step 11: Customize the text and design until you are satisfied.

Canva magic design tutorial customize the text and design | entheosweb

Step 12: Congratulations! You are done! Click the share button. Download and use your design.

Canva magic design tutorial download and use your magically created design | entheosweb

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