Canva magic edit tutorial | entheosweb

Learn how to remove a part of an image and replace it with something else. Canva’s new magic edit tool is pretty cool! Magically replace a part of a photo with something else. Learn how with this Canva Magic Edit tutorial.

Step 1: Login to Canva

Step 2: Click the ‘Create a design’ button

Step 3: Select ‘Instagram Post (square)’

Step 4: Under Elements, search for ‘woman holding flowers’ and select the image. The image gets inserted into your document.

Canva magic edit tutorial find a photo | entheosweb

Step 5: Select the image. Click the ‘Edit Photo’ button. Clich the ‘Magic Edit’ tool.

Canva magic edit tutorial use the magic edit tool | entheosweb

Step 6: Click and move the brush to cover the area with the flowers. Click the ‘Continue’ button.

Canva magic edit tutorial brush over the image | entheosweb

Step 7: Describe what to generate. Type ‘bouquet of roses’. Click the ‘Generate ‘ button.

Canva magic edit tutorial describe what to generate | entheosweb

Step 8: A bunch of roses magically replaces the original flowers! Check the other results too. You can also generate new results by clicking the ‘Generate new results’ button.

Canva magic edit tutorial a bunch of roses magically appears | entheosweb

Step 9: Congratulations! You’re done! Share and download your image!

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