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You, the pro or solopreneur – Canva Pro : The graphic design tool for professionals or solopreneurs

You, the teacher or studentCanva for Education : The inspiring tool for educationists and students – FREE!

You, the non-designerCanva Free. The do-it-yourself design tool for the non-designer. And it’s free forever.

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Canva Pro – the graphic design tool for professionals and solopreneurs

Canva Pro, the premium user-friendly online graphic design platform makes your content attention-worthy. Canva Pro is for individuals.

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Build your brand, create your profile, create content faster, manage and collaborate with teams, manage brand assets and more with Canva.

Canva has the following tools to make things super-easy for busy professionals, solopreneurs and freelance graphic designers. Check out Canva’s graphic design makers, slideshow presentation maker and video editor for you to make good-looking, professional flyers, banners, posters, resumes, invitations, business cards, video intros, pdf documents and presentations very quickly.

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Canva Docs

Canva Docs is a visual-first document creator that allows you to design documents supercharged with videos, images, graphics, charts, and graphs. Create an impactful doc with Canva’s online text editor today.

Canva’s AI-powered Magic Write tool makes it a breeze to write any type of content quickly and professionally. Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates to give your document a professional look.

Create visually appealing documents with Canva Docs. It features a drag-and-drop editor, hassle-free data visualization tools like checklists, graphs, charts and editable design blocks. Simply tap the + button to search for tables, videos, images and graphics which can be added to content if required.

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Save cost and laptop space with Canva

Canva resides in the cloud and works online. You get 1TB of cloud storage on Canva Pro. You don’t have to invest in expensive proprietary software, or pay a designer for your design requirements, or download your projects onto your laptop.  You can customize Canva designs yourself.  You can display image-heavy presentations directly from Canva and free up laptop space.   A big plus when you’re doing everything yourself, from creating your presentations to making your live pitch to a client!

Canva for Teams:  a visual worksuite built for collaboration.

For businesses and teams of all sizes, across countries. For 2+ people.

Canva has the building blocks for teams of all sizes to effectively work together and manage creative projects.  Design powerful visual content at scale in a single solution.   Grow your brand, stay on-brand with Brand Kit and branded templates. Streamline workflow and work together with workflow and app integration tools.   Use pay-as you-grow flexible billing that allows you to expand your team as needed. Use 1TB of cloud storage. Access enterprise level security with Canva’s ISO 27001 certified platform and 24/7 support.

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Every organization needs visual storytelling to create impactful messages.  Use Canva for Teams to create your brand’s success story and stay on brand with thousands of branded templates that you can customize easily.  Managing the design process and communicating with your team to deliver current and relevant marketing messages is easier and faster with Canva for Teams.

Free online whiteboard tool

Brainstorm with your team on Canva’s free collaborative online whiteboards where the best and brightest ideas have room to grow.  Expand your presentation page to an online collaboration tool to demonstrate the endless possibilities of your big ideas. Use tools ranging from sticky notes and special whiteboard elements to flowchart tools and moodboards with Canva during your brainstorming session. Expand into another whiteboard and run a workshop with ease.

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Canva for Non-Profits

Canva for Nonprofits program unlocks all the premium features of Canva Profor free.    Just apply for a Canva for Nonprofits account. Eligibility Guidelines apply. As a Canva for Non-profits account holder, you’re entitled to use Canva for Teams premium features too for free. Read the FAQs on this page for more info.

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Collaborate with your teams in real-time, build your brand with Brand Kit, apply changes across the brand in seconds. Create together with your team. Your team, spread across different places,can comment and collaborate, brainstorm in real-time, contribute ideas, build your organization and your brand.  With access to millions of premium images and video, you have everything you need to create impactful marketing for social media and across different audiences.

Canva for Education: The inspiring tool for educationists and students – FREE!

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Canva for Education is the learning-based extension of Canva. 100% free for teachers and students at eligible schools.

Canva for Education – the impactful and engaging tool for teachers

With Canva for Education you can create the most engaging lessons and run activities for students  in-class or online.  Choose from thousands of ready-to-use templates and enjoy all of Canva’s premium features for free. Create and personalise lesson plans, infographics, posters, video, and more. Teaching aids, presentations and Canva Docs with their visual-first design make lessons come to vibrant life.  Canva for Education integrates into your school’s Learning Management System (LMS) so you can get the best of technology and design to work for you to engage your students in learning.

Students can only get access to Canva if their teacher invites them.  You as a verified Canva teacher can do this through your Settings. Teachers and students find Canva not only time-saving but fun and appealing and easy to use.

Teachers can make personalized, collaborative and engaging learning content for learners across age groups with Canva’s visual-first graphic design.

Whatever subject you’re teaching, Canva’s customizable templates save you time and make them impactful.   Use Canva in the following ways:

Lesson plans  – for innovatively presenting  to-do lists, planners or other information in an orderly fashion

Talking presentations – for presenting new concepts interestingly while freeing up some time for you to interact with students one-on-one during class

Collaborative learning –  Canva creates the perfect environment for  brainstorming  and  group interaction with its online Whiteboard, Mind Maps, Group Work and other tools where you as the teacher are an active observer, participant or moderator.

Flashcards – quick and easy to create in Canva, whether you’re teaching vocabulary, experiments, maths, science or anything else. Usually, these two-sided cards have a prompt on one side and an answer on the other to improve students’ memory.

Cartoon templates, storyboards, and book templates trigger digital storytelling and develop students’ imagination,  and creativity. They also can be used to make group projects  vibrant and fun

Photobooks and collages – to create a memory lane for students

Poster templates bring attention to lab regulations, class rules, competitions and events in an eye-catching way,  or present study material interestingly

Slideshow templates enable you to create interactive and engaging presentations

Report card templates share student performance with a personal twist

Calendar – With customizable templates in Canva, you have the flexibility to plan for custom birthday and event calendars, add photos, make pre-exam and revision dates and examinations and plan for weekly, monthly or yearly goals.

Class schedules – beautifully designed and attractive, these printable schedules keep teachers and students focused on semester programs and goals.

Canva for Education: The graphic design tool that makes student learning fun

As a student you have frequent classroom and homework assignments – Canva makes them easy and enjoyable. Your teacher invites you to join Canva and you become a member.

Create designs, documents and presentations in minutes for all your creative projects and studying needs.   Explore design ideas in Canva too!

Canva for education the graphic design tool that makes student learning fun | entheosweb

You can choose from one of Canva’s many templates to bring dry study notes to life:


Perhaps you’re presenting research in attention-grabbing form?

Campaigning for Class President?

Promoting a Sports or Drama Event in school?

Attracting crowds to a Fundraiser for a charity?

Create visually appealing banners, posters, videos, to share with your classmates, school, or sponsors, or on social media and in print.  Canva helps you do it all.

Canva offers poster templates for Events, Campaigns, Fundraising, Photo Poster Templates, Music, Festival, Concert, School Poster Templates, Motivational, Science Fair, Mental Health, Science Fair, Climate Change and a whole lot more.

Printable academic research posters by Canva help you present research findings in easily digestible and creative formats. Get started with professional, colorful, even playful templates using Canva to inspire you, then customize with easy-to-use editing tools. Add graphs and vectors. Use big bold fonts from Canva’s selection of fonts for the title and subtitle to make your poster stand out.

If you want to create a poster on a whole new subject, you can always customize one of these templates with your own pictures, content and fonts give it a whole new perspective!


Canva presents a variety of templates to get you started on your own presentation, whether it’s about yourself, or about a topic given by your class teacher, or a presentation about a group project. You’ll enjoy customizing your templates from the many images provided by Canva, or even starting with a blank template and creating your own presentation.

Infographics  –  Visualize data attractively, present facts and figures colorfully and creatively using striking infographics with Canva.   Get your point across visually and more effectively, instead of presenting data in a big block of text that nobody reads in a visual world.

If you’re working with a team on a class project, you can also share your infographic with your team as an editable link so your team can contribute to the information and to the making of it.

Canva’s infographic templates help you shorten the time taken to create an infographic. Use the editing tools to add in your data. Select from illustrated step-by- step guides, infographic timelines, or infographics that educate the public on a cause.  You can add them to a blog post, brochure or website, or present them as a project update, or as part of a presentation.

Canva also features collaborative tools like the following:

Group Work Templates

Canva helps your group projects go in a step-by-step orderly fashion, with each person assigned a role.

As a student, you can collaborate on group projects in Canva like newsletters, reports, magazines, infographics, presentations, research, and more.  For instance, your team could make photo collages and timelines together of your class trip to a museum followed by a fun time at a park, for a power-packed poster, brochure or video presentation in class, for a report with a difference!

Group discussions and projects:  Mind Maps and Whiteboard

If you’re starting a group discussion or a project, you may want to begin with one of Canva’s helpful mind maps.   Visually plan out your project to make getting started easier. Your group members all start on the same page with Group Mind Maps.  These mind maps use color and shapes to help you graphically see the hierarchy and relationships between individual ideas and get the big picture.  You and your group can customize the mind maps with your own colors, shapes and elements from the Canva gallery.  Your team can contribute their own ideas and together you can come u[ with your own mind map for your project or study group.

From Mind Maps, you can expand your idea on to Canva’s online Whiteboard, which allows collaborative brainstorming on a larger canvas, using Canva’s stickers and elements to comment colorfully and artfully while responding.   Your teacher will help to mentor you in this process.

Canva Free. The do-it-yourself design tool. And it’s free forever.

Canva free The do it yourself design tool And its free forever | entheosweb

Well, I’m just an everyday person, you say.  Why should I use Canva?

You may have a circle of friends who are now living far away.  Create a social media connect with Canva’s easy-to-use templates.  Craft eye-catching Instagram feeds and stories, share family and travel photo collages on Facebook, perhaps share your favorite recipes step-by-step on video on social media and create a conversation, and enlarge your circle of friends and followers.

You don’t need any design expertise to create beautiful ecards, videos and invitations. An engaging presentation for your home business, or an emotional slideshow for your daughter’s wedding, or a game for your next party. Canva gives you beautiful templates to kickstart your ideas, and you can

Canva Free. For anyone wanting to design anything.

You could be among many talented people to use Canva Free, from sportsmen or women, musicians, artists, dancers, actors, writers, beauticians, photographers, chefs, foodies, travellers, and more.   Start a website. Set up a music channel.   Create a brochure.   Print a T-shirt. Have fun doing it!

Canva makes it easy to create Event Invitations, Social Media, YouTube Channel Art,  Calendars, Letterheads, Business Cards,  Annual Reports,  Presentations, Brochures, Docs,  Video, websites and more.

Canva Free opens up a whole world of excitement for you, with its thousands of templates to inspire your creativity and a photo gallery with Use photo editing tools and choose from millions of Canva assets – photos, videos, audio tracks, fonts, icons, elements, colors and more, in the gallery to create your own designs.   Canva Free comes with 5GB of cloud storage!

Canva pricing

Canva has the price that’s just right for your needs and budget.

From Free to Pro.  From Monthly to annual, to flexible pay as-you-grow packages for Business Teams.  And special FREE packages for Educationists and Students and for Non-profits.

Sign up now for a Canva account.