Tutorial - Create a Website with Canva EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Learn how to create this website using Canva in this tutorial.

Tutorial – Create a Website with Canva

Step 1: Create an account on Canva and sign in.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Websites’ icon

Canva Websites EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 3: Select the type of Website you are creating. In our case we will select ‘Business Website’.

Canva Website types EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 4: Select one of the website templates on the left. In our case, we will select the first template.

Canva Wesbite templates EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 5: Click ‘Apply all 3 pages’.

Canva Website Template pages EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 6: Scroll down to see all the pages of your website.

Canva Website Pages EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 7: Customise the text

Canva Website Customize Text  EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 8: Upload your own images or find and select images from Elements.

Canva Website Find Photos from Elements or upload photos EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 9: Customize the logo by replacing it with your own or by changing the colors of the current logo. Customize the images on the pages by dragging and replacing the existing ones.

Canva Website - Edit Colors of logo EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Canva Website - Customize Images EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Scroll down further and customize all the other images and text.

Step 10: Click on the ‘Add Notes’ icon.

Canva Website - Add Notes - Page Titles for navigation menu EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 11: Change the Page Title. The title of the first page can be named ‘Home’. The second page can be named ‘About’ and the third page can be named ‘Contact’.

Canva Website - Home page Menu Title EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 12: Click ‘Publish Website’

Canva Website - Publish Website EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 13: Click ‘Continue’

Canva Website - Review and publish website EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 14: Edit the URL, type in the description and Click ‘Publish’.

Canva Website - Customize URL and add website description EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 15: Click ‘View Website’ to view your website. Copy the website link to share with others.

Canva Website - View Website EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

Step 16: Congrats your website is live! Click on the menu items to view each page of your website. Check your website on your phone, tablet, and desktop/ laptop. You will notice that the layout of the page changes based on the screen it is viewed on.

Canva Website - Navigation Menu  EntheosWeb  EntheosWeb

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