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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a flyer in minutes using Canva. Canva has a wide variety of amazing flyer design templates that you can customize and use to create a flyer or poster within minutes!

Step 1: Head to Canva and at the top right click on “Create a design” and choose “Flyer“.

Step 1 | entheosweb

Step 2: On the left side of the page Canva has many templates to make your job easier. Choose a template you prefer.

Step 2 | entheosweb

Step 3: After choosing a template you can change the text,font, font color and add effects.

Step 3 | entheosweb

Step 4: At the Elements tab Canva has their own graphics that you can use to customize your flyer if needed.

Step 4 | entheosweb

Step 5: At the uploads tab you can insert your own unique images  to customise your flyer like your logo etc.

Step 5 | entheosweb

Step 6: At the Text tab you can add more text boxes to add more details to your flyer.

Step 6 | entheosweb

Step 7: After you have customized your flyer go to share at the top left and click on download.

Step 7 | entheosweb

Congratulations!  You have successfully created a poster yourself using Canva!

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