Learn new useful tips using Photoshop

Tip 1 : 

Use Cool simple Photoshop effects to give great effects to images. Click here to learn more.

Tip 2 : 

Use Photoshop textures to give great looking textures to images. Click here to learn more.

Tip 3: Exporting individual images in Photoshop

When you save images for the web using Photoshop.

After slicing your images, click on File/Save for web. The following screen will appear :

Save as type: Now the tip is: Choose Images Only.
Settings: Choose Other
The following screen will appear :

The next tip is:
Unclick the Put images in folder. This tip will help you avoid unnecessary creation of the image folder.

Slices: Choose selected slices.

Click here to learn about slicing and exporting images in photoshop

Tip 4: Giving gradients to shapes.

  1. Selectcustom shape tool from the tools panel.
  2. Click on the Shape drop down menu seen on the top toolbar.
  3. Click on the arrow and select Object.
  4. Select Fill pixels (third button seen in the tools panel in the left).
  5. Look for the puzzle shape which is there and drag it to the canvas with the size you want.
  6. Click on magic wand tool and select the shape.
  7. Create a gradient. Go to Paint Bucket Tool and click on the dropdown menu
  8. Select Gradient tool.
  9. On the top panel the following panel will appear.
  10. Select Noise Samples from the dropdown menu of gradient tool and chose the gradient which has red gradient.
  11. Choose Mode as linear burn.
  12. Now click inside the shape and drag from top to down. Your shape with gradient is ready.

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