Learn how to create a torn edge effect for photographs in Photoshop

  1. Open the image that you would like to create this effect on, by clicking on File/Open and choosing the image.

  2. With the rectangular marquee tool, select just inside of your image

  3. Choose Select>Inverse. Now, only the outside edge is selected.
  4. Choose Filter>Distort>Ripple. Select 100% and size as Medium.

You can tear off this image from the middle with the same effect.

  1. Select the part to be torn with polygonal Lasso tool.

  2. Select delete.

  3. Click on Ctrl+D to Deselect.
  4. Select the part to be torn with polygonal Lasso tool just outside.
  5. Click on Ctrl+D to Deselect.
  6. Choose Filter>Distort> Ripple. Select 100% and size as Medium.

Congratulations! Your image is torn from middle.

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