Learn how to create bubbles using Photoshop. It's very easy. Make many bubbles as seen below.

  1. Open a new file by clicking on File>Open.
  2. Make a blue color background by choosing the a blue foreground color and filling the canvas using the Paint Bucket Tool.
  3. Make a circle with Elliptical Marquee Tool. Press the shift key, so that the circle comes round.

  4. Go to Dodge tool. Select Brush as 29 or more depending on your bubble and Range as Highlights and Exposure as 50%.

  5. Then on the left corner of the bubble drag the dodge tool four times in the same place to give the highlight in the bubble.

  6. Make gentle strokes around the bubble with the dodge tool to get the following effect.

Your Bubble is ready, just press ctrl+D to deselect the outline of the circle.

You can make as many bubbles as you want like that, even small and big, just repeat the process.

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