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3D Logo Design Tutorial in Illustrator & Photoshop

Learn how to design a 3D Futuristic Logo

Today we are going to make a 3D futuristic logo in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. We’ll use adobe illustrator for the whole shape and color textures and then for finishing touches we’ll use a bit of Photoshop. For this amazing 3D logo, we’ll be needing adobe illustrator (I’ve got adobe illustrator CS5, but adobe illustrators 3 and 4 are also fine), adobe Photoshop and a globe brush set. Now we’ve found everything that we need let’s start our tutorial. However, before we plunge into our creative journey let’s have a quick glance at the final product!

3d Logo Design

Step 1:- First thing first, start a new layer, go to file and click new, keep the width 600 px and height 400 px.

Step2:- Now select the ellipse tool (L) and make circle with 130mm width, 130 mm height.

Step3:- Now fill the circle with color #564f4f and select the gradient, which will be available in the panel on the right side, (you can also find gradient tool by clicking the window tab). Select the type of the gradient radial.

And adjust the lighter color in the circle to left side by selecting the gradient tool (G) on the left side in menu palette.

Step4:- Now we will apply the drop shadow to our circle, (go to effect, click “stylize” and click the first option, which is “drop shadow”). Keep the mode to normal, opacity to 50%, X Offset 2.47mm, Y Offset 2.47mm and blur 1.76mm with color black.

Step5:- Now select the ellipse tool again and draw an oval shape and tilt it a little downward (using selection tool). Make the stroke weight “9pt” and stroke color is #58595B.

Step6:- It’s time to fill this oval shape, use the grey gradient again, select the type of gradient radial, adjust the angle (-8.4) and aspect ratio (276.74%) as shown in the image below.

Step7:- Now we’ll draw another oval shape a bit smaller than the first using the ellipse tool once again, tilt this shape a little upward. The stroke weight should be “8pt”, the color of the stroke is #808285.

Step8:- Fill the 2nd oval shape with the color#27AAE1. You can adjust shades by using the gradient (keep the middle part lighter and sides in darker shade) as shown in the image below.

Step9:- Now arrange all the circles (1st oval in the main circle and 2nd oval in the 1st one).

Step10:- Now we are done with the make shape, it’s time to create the 3D-atomic circles around the main shape. For the first circle again use the ellipse tool and draw a circle (width 148mm, height 148mm), stroke color is #27AAE1. Keep the fill empty.

Step11:- Now make the 2nd circle (just copy “ctrl+C” the first circle, paste in place “shift+ctrl+v” and drag the 2nd circle using right key (on the keyboard) or left click of the mouse.

Step12:- Now to give the 3D effect to our 1st circle, (select the first circle) and tilt it a bit then go to Effect, go to 3D and select the first option (Extrude & Bevel). Check the “preview” box, so you can see the changes as you go.

Step13:- Make the extrude depth “19pt” and select the rounded bevel and its height will be “4pt”. Select the surface option as “plastic shading”.

Step14:- Now click on the “more option” tab and add 2 more new lights to our circle (as shown in the pic16). Shading color will be black. Keep the other settings of light intensity, ambient light, highlight size and blend step as shown in the image.

Step15:- First circle is done now and now we’ll give 3D effect to 2nd circle. Select the 2nd circle and make it a bit long oval shape.

Step16:-Now go to Effect, go to 3D and select the first option (Extrude & Bevel). Make the changes to the circle as shown in the image.

Step17:- Now arrange both the circles (bring both the circles as shown in picture).

Step18:-It’s time to put together the whole image. Bring the metal globe and set it in front of circles.

Step19:- Now let’s open photoshop and create a new file. Then fill the background with color # 000000. Now I’ll use some grunge brushes to get a nice background for our logo.

Step 20:- Now paste our logo. First select the brush tool with 1px size and # 00fff6 color. And keep the other options same as shown in the image below.

Now select the Pen Tool and create a path along our outer rings. Now right click on it and select stroke path.

Step 21:-Now we’ll create a shadow of our logo. Select the Ellipse Tool and create a small circle. Fill it with # b2aab9. Now click on filter>blur>Gaussian Blur.

Step 22:- Now select the Text Tool and add the text in the middle. Then select the globe brushes mentioned above. And use it in the middle as well with color # ffffff.

Here you go; the 3D futuristic logo is complete let’s have a look at our final product.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this tutorial and learned a thing or two. Do try this and share your results.

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